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Qualitative Market Research How-To: Online Bulletin Boards

An important part of Corona’s front-end consulting for research involves helping clients pick the best approach and research method and instrument. In-person focus groups are still very relevant for qualitative research, and the takeaway value from focus groups lies in the discussion, but what do you do when you need qualitative feedback that doesn’t require […]

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Online qualitative tools provide more workscope options

Our Corona team has been looking into online qualitative research tools as of late in order to keep up with how various technology platforms can most effectively assist in data collection for our market research work.  As you might expect, we have examined both the benefits and drawbacks of different online data collection platforms that […]

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Choosing the Right Research Method: Planes, False Claims and Automobiles

I recently came across an article (which shall remain anonymous) claiming that “focus groups are a thing of the past,” and that Google Trends could better serve anyone considering using a focus group for feedback. I had to laugh. The situation the author used made sense: By using Google Trends, they were able to instantly […]

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What seniors want from open space

Corona Insights recently helped sponsor the Colorado Open Space Alliance: 2013 Conference in the beautiful hamlet of Crested Butte, Colorado.  More land managers and natural resource professionals attended this year’s conference than any year prior, demonstrating both the success of the conference organizers and the growing field of open space, natural areas, and landscape conservation […]

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The New Frontier of Qualitative Research Tools

In recent years, the qualitative research field has seen an explosion of new online or mobile tools that allow researchers to capture data in ways we couldn’t 5 to 10 years ago. Although we’ve previously reported on the rise qualitative analysis software and what it means for Corona and its customers, we’ve decided to launch […]

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Excited about Denver’s art

Earlier this week Corona Insights attended the CBCA’s 26th annual Business for the Arts Awards Luncheon. The event was filled with beautiful performances, great food, and incredible examples of work being done in Denver at the intersection of business and arts. Corona Insights would like to congratulate and commend all of the nominees and winners on […]

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The Resource Exchange Introduces a New Service

Congratulations to our friends at The Resource Exchange on unrolling their newest service, New Heights Behavioral Health. We began working with TRE in 2005, and have continued our partnership with them since. Most recently, in late Spring 2012, Corona facilitated TRE’s strategic planning process where the kernel of an idea that has developed into New […]

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The Iron Triangle of Qualitative Analysis

Amidst all of the recent frenzy regarding big data and data scientists, the Corona team wondered how another piece of data – qualitative data – fits into the picture. We already utilize a robust toolkit of qualitative methodologies; however, as technology continues to evolve in this area, offering everything from online focus groups to real-time […]

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The Power of Numbers

Numbers are an interesting thing. We all have an innate sense of quantities, but numbers are a culturally agreed upon format for representing those quantities. When we are trying to convey quantitative information to other people, the choice between “7 days” vs. “1 week” or “100 out of 300” vs. “1 out of 3” often […]

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Market re-church

If you think you don’t need market research because you have faithful customers, think again.  Even those organizations with the most faithful customers are doing research. This small Missouri company sends “mystery shoppers” into churches.  Dress up on Sunday morning, go sit in church for a few hours, and then fill out a survey about […]

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