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Welcome, Mollie!

We are delighted to welcome Mollie Boettcher as the newest member of the Corona Insights team! As our newest Associate, Mollie will specialize in qualitative research practices including, but certainly not limited to: recruiting research participants, conducting focus groups and interviews, then analyzing and interpreting qualitative data for clients seeking data-driven guidance. Mollie attended the […]

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The relevance of reviews

Recently, Corona conducted some focus groups in part to understand how people make an important decision. In analyzing the groups, I found that in seeking resources to help make that decision, people preferred referrals from their family, friends and neighbors over quantitative data that was developed using a sophisticated methodology. Why? Participants viewed referrals as […]

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Yes, that college degree is still worth the cost of attendance

Here at Corona, we help organizations make strategic decisions via our research and strategy services. But individuals can also use research to make strategic decisions. We read a lot these days about the cost of higher education. While rises in health care costs get more attention, inflation in higher education costs have actually outpaced them, […]

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4 ways to report customer satisfaction

In my previous post we discussed two common types of satisfaction surveys.  In this post we’ll touch on the many ways to report results. Suppose we have the following question: Q: Taking into account all of your experiences with X, please rate your overall satisfaction with X: Extremely satisfied Moderately satisfied Slightly satisfied Neither satisfied […]

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Putting the Pieces Together: Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods

When clients come to Corona and ask us to help them find answers to their most difficult questions, we typically take a quantitative or qualitative approach to our research. Sometimes, however, we use a combination of both methods. As you might imagine, there can be lots of value in bringing the two types of data […]

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How to ask the right questions

There is more to qualitative research design than meets the eye.  Much should be taken into account in developing a questionnaire designed to elicit in-depth qualitative feedback from research participants.  For the sake of brevity, I’ll hit on a few conceptual highlights. For starters, a researcher will consider the background and context for the research […]

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Strategic planning and market research fuel IMAGINE 2020

With tremendous pride and a full heart, Karla Raines presented the Denver Commission on Cultural Affairs (DCCA) with IMAGINE 2020: Denver’s Cultural Plan at their January 2014 meeting.  The commission had been strong proponents of a refreshed cultural plan for Denver.  These volunteers served as Corona’s creative muse throughout the 15-month process.  They held firm […]

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State of Our Cities & Towns 2014: Transportation

We were honored to work with the Colorado Municipal League (CML) for the fifth year on their annual report (PDF), State of Our Cities and Towns.  Starting this year, the organization has decided to do a deep investigation into a different issue each year. They started with transportation  issues this year and you can expect  future reports […]

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Qualitative Market Research How-To: Online Bulletin Boards

An important part of Corona’s front-end consulting for research involves helping clients pick the best approach and research method and instrument. In-person focus groups are still very relevant for qualitative research, and the takeaway value from focus groups lies in the discussion, but what do you do when you need qualitative feedback that doesn’t require […]

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Online qualitative tools provide more workscope options

Our Corona team has been looking into online qualitative research tools as of late in order to keep up with how various technology platforms can most effectively assist in data collection for our market research work.  As you might expect, we have examined both the benefits and drawbacks of different online data collection platforms that […]

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