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Photo of employee Paul Collier


Crafting a Theory of Change, Part 2: Finalizing and Testing

In part 2 of our Theory of Change (ToC) blog series, we discuss the final drafting steps, including identifying your team’s activities, outputs and outcomes. We also share advice on testing your ToC and share tips for leading an efficient process.

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Corona Insights employee Kevin Raines


25 Years of Change – Survey Methodologies

As Corona Insights arrives at our 25-year anniversary, we’re going to take a look back at the world 25 years ago and examine what has changed, both in the state of Colorado and in the world of research. This blog post will focus on the evolution of one of our most common research tools – public surveys.

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Photo of employee Paul Collier


Crafting a Theory of Change, Part 1: Where to Begin

A Theory of Change (ToC) is both a process and a product that describes who your organization serves, what your organization does to serve them, and what lasting impact you intend to help your community achieve. This first blog in a two-part series explores how to begin the drafting process.

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Corona Insights employee Catherine Rockey


Equity and Access in Translation, Part 2: Evaluating Accessibility

In the first installment of our exploration into equity and access in translated texts, we delved into linguistic and cultural considerations for ensuring content is comprehensible, accessible, and inclusive for all. Now, in part two, we shift our focus to the research methodologies employed to evaluate the comprehensibility of content and improve access for all users.

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Corona Insights employee Gracia Seeley


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Quantitative Data

We strive for accurate, inclusive representation in our quantitative research. Here are a few tactics we use to ensure quality results.

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Photo of employee Paul Collier


Optimizing Your Data Journey: A Guide for Social Sector Organizations

We’ve identified five critical aspects of data mature organizations. Take our quiz to assess these aspects for your team.

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