We design collaborative evaluation approaches to produce data-driven findings that are insightful, applicable, and inspiring.

Advice, Training, Assistance

We help get your evaluation working for you. Does your staff need a boost in confidence and motivation to collect data? Do you need to refresh your measurement tools or data collection procedures? Did you set ambitious goals in your strategic plan and now need to measure your success at achieving them? We plug in to help build your capacity and keep your evaluation running smoothly.

Program Tune-up or Growth

Is your legacy program still meeting your needs today? Have you experienced some program drift or adaptation, or are you developing a new program? Are you ready to take your program to scale? Do you need to assess your community’s needs in order to prioritize funding? We can help identify where to tighten up your program or optimize its implementation to meet your goals.

External Evaluation

Is your program having the intended impact? We evaluate programs, projects, and collaborative efforts to help maximize impacts, ensure positive change, and improve efficiency and effectiveness. We use mixed-method approaches, combining surveys, focus groups, interviews, observations, and secondary data analysis to tell your program’s story.



  • Evaluation planning
  • Evaluation coaching & training
  • Developmental and formative evaluation
    • Logic models, theories of change, journey maps
    • Needs assessments
  • Monitoring and process evaluation (including fidelity monitoring and implementation evaluation)
  • Research methods and strategic planning to support evaluation
  • External evaluation
    • Outcome evaluation, rigorous evaluation, participatory evaluation, summative evaluation
    • IRB application process / human subjects research
    • Impact assessment (social impact assessment, fiscal impact studies, cost-benefit analysis, etc.)
    • Data analysis (including qualitative data analysis, quantitative data analysis, and advanced statistical analysis)