It’s hard to believe that it’s already that time of year where you’re thinking not only about turkeys, in-laws and shopping, but also reflecting on what you’ve accomplished in the last year.  For me, this November marks my one-year anniversary with Corona Insights, and since Gregory joined our team this fall, I’m officially no longer the newbie! Future

It’s also the time of year when many start thinking about what the future may hold for the year ahead.  While I wouldn’t recommend calling me for your late night psychic readings (as I feel my fortune-telling skills are still a little below average), I can predict what you can expect if you hire Corona Insights for your research needs.

  • You’ll learn something new…One of the most exciting things about research is finding that nugget of information that you never knew existed. After conducting research, you’ll have a far better understanding of what your customers are thinking, some of which you’ll be hearing for the first time!
  • And you’ll confirm what you already know. Our clients are experts in their fields, so it’s no surprise that some information uncovered by our research confirms what they already know, and that’s a good thing! Having research and data to back-up what you already believed about your organization can be instrumental in making sound decisions to guide your organization forward.
  • You’ll be surprised by what people know…When I first started at Corona, I sometimes worried that people would not know enough about a topic or have enough opinions to fill the time of a full focus group, but my worries quickly melted away. People love to be asked their opinions, and are usually more than willing to share, even if they don’t know a lot about the topic.  Learning about people’s perceptions and opinions (even from those who don’t know a lot about your organization) and where those thoughts come from is extremely valuable.
  • And probably frustrated by what they don’t. I’m sure there is nothing more frustrating for our clients observing focus groups than hearing participants say they haven’t heard of their organization, or have misconceptions, despite all their best marketing efforts.  Understandably, clients often feel the urge to run in to the group and tell participants the real story.  But, from Corona’s perspective, it’s a GOOD thing to hear about what people don’t know, as well as their misconceptions.  After all, it’s hard to enhance your work when you don’t know what you most need to improve upon.  While it may be frustrating to hear, it’s probably part of why you decided to conduct research in the first place!

Above all I can predict (even without consulting my Magic 8 ball) that at the end of the day, you’ll come away with actionable insights.