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The Resource Exchange Introduces a New Service

Congratulations to our friends at The Resource Exchange on unrolling their newest service, New Heights Behavioral Health. We began working with TRE in 2005, and have continued our partnership with them since. Most recently, in late Spring 2012, Corona facilitated TRE’s strategic planning process where the kernel of an idea that has developed into New […]

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The Iron Triangle of Qualitative Analysis

Amidst all of the recent frenzy regarding big data and data scientists, the Corona team wondered how another piece of data – qualitative data – fits into the picture. We already utilize a robust toolkit of qualitative methodologies; however, as technology continues to evolve in this area, offering everything from online focus groups to real-time […]

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The Power of Numbers

Numbers are an interesting thing. We all have an innate sense of quantities, but numbers are a culturally agreed upon format for representing those quantities. When we are trying to convey quantitative information to other people, the choice between “7 days” vs. “1 week” or “100 out of 300” vs. “1 out of 3” often […]

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Market re-church

If you think you don’t need market research because you have faithful customers, think again.  Even those organizations with the most faithful customers are doing research. This small Missouri company sends “mystery shoppers” into churches.  Dress up on Sunday morning, go sit in church for a few hours, and then fill out a survey about […]

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That hammer is a lousy screwdriver

We’ve spoke about the best tool for market research before (there isn’t one) and even used the hammer analogy in previous posts.  We’ve even spoke about how Apple doesn’t believe in market research. So this article from Fast Company describing why focus groups kill innovation shouldn’t be a surprise to us.  And it isn’t.  I agree. […]

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Welcome to the team, Sarah Williams

We are delighted to welcome Sarah Williams as the newest member of the Corona Insights team. Sarah’s first month here at Corona Insights has flown by. As our newest Assosicate of Research, she has already been hard at work synthesizing data and creating actionable research reports for clients. Sarah is from the big state of Texas, where […]

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Research…and a little bit of magic

This morning, I decided to ask the Magic 8 Ball if our information-junkie staff here at Corona Insights would employ any online qualitative research tools before the end of the year. Its reply on the little floating blue triangle: “No way!” What!? The Magic 8 Ball is so stupid! Well, we all know that if […]

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MythTrouncers Episode 4: Research doesn’t do anything but sit on the shelf and collect dust.

Myth: Research doesn’t do anything but sit on the shelf and collect dust. Well…I’d love to raise my nose in the air and snootily say, “That is ridiculous. That sort of thing does not happen!” But I’m pretty sure many of us have witnessed times in which it indeed has been the case. It’s interesting […]

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MythTrouncers Episode 1: Quantitative research is better than qualitative, and vice versa.

Myth:  Quantitative research is better than qualitative (or) qualitative research is better than quantitative. As a gal who holds qual research so near and dear to my heart, my initial reaction to the first half of this myth is to lean back in my desk chair and yell dramatically, “Noooooooo!” But in an effort to […]

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Neuromarketing is catching on – but is it ready for prime time?

Neuroscience in market research is growing, and while it is still an uncommon methodology for most, it is moving into the realm of standard methodologies. The premise is simple enough – people don’t always reveal what’s driving their decision making, and more importantly, people don’t always even know what is driving their decisions.  Since people […]

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