Qualitative Research


Social media and research

We recently blogged about phone apps and research. One of the draws of phone app research is that it can be immediate.  Just saw a movie?  Review it while walking out of the theater.  Just left the store without buying that flat-screen TV – what kept you from buying? While actively seeking feedback through phone […]

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Variation in focus group styles

Saw this post and video (from a UK researcher) about how US focus groups were different from UK focus groups.  The author pointed out interesting aspects of a US group, but did not mention what UK groups were like in contrast.  Which led me to pose the question, what makes UK groups unique? The post’s […]

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An interview with a professional respondent II

We recently posted a satirical video of an interview with a professional focus group respondent. Today I ran across this article written by another professional respondent.  While somewhat old, I believe it still rings true nearly five years later. For reasons that are probably apparent from watching the video and reading the article, the current […]

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Fostering customer loyalty in grocery stores

Those of you who know me, know I have strong interests in retail, customer service, and loyalty.  This probably stems from my years of retail experience before my shift into research.  As such, every time I shop (online or at a brick and mortar store) I have ideas that I think could increase satisfaction, improve […]

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An interview with a professional respondent

Has she been in one of your focus groups? This video reminds me of why we only custom recruit for our focus groups.  We use no panel and do not accept opt-in participants.  Instead, we custom-recruit for each project ensuring few if any “regular” focus group participants are in the group and that the group […]

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Observation rooms … they’re not just for focus groups

My wife is a fourth year veterinary student at Colorado State University, and on a recent visit to the veterinary teaching hospital I noticed they had several focus group rooms – sort of. I recognized the rooms immediately – two-way glass, audio and video recording, etc.  Instead of group discussions though, they use the rooms […]

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Another great tool…Twitter search

We blogged before about Google Trends and Google Insights, and now there is another online tool to add to your repertoire.  Twitter Search allows you see what the masses of microbloggers are saying about you, your brand, or anything else you can imagine. Another great way to get a pulse of what is being said […]

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Ethnography as it should be

This is the fifth in a series of posts on our recent trip to Africa. To see our other posts, click here. While in South Africa, we stayed at a classic game lodge.  We ate impala at night and we slept in a tent (albeit the most luxurious tent I’ve ever seen), and in the […]

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Safaris and girls, girls and safaris

This is the fourth in a series of posts on our recent trip to Africa.  To see our other posts, click here.  This is a random observation, but we couldn’t miss it.  During part of our vacation, we went to a game lodge in South Africa.  While there was certainly a variety of household types and family types going […]

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Professional survey respondents

We get a lot of inquiries about how to join our panel or participate in our focus groups, and consequently we spend a lot of time explaining that we don’t maintain this kind of recruiting list for participants.  (We custom recruit for almost all our groups.  We’ll explain why below.)  Some questions come from people […]

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