We build data-driven partnerships, grounding everything we do in what matters most to you and to those you serve.

Strategic Plan Development

Determine your future through customized strategic planning processes built on illuminating your competitive context, your strategic landscape, and what matters most to those you serve.

Group Facilitation

With several trained facilitators on staff, we can assist your team to consider the future of your organization through strategic planning retreats, goal setting and prioritization sessions, visioning exercises, and more.

Data-Driven Insights

Shed light on the impact you are having now to truly understand who you are serving and why your work matters to them. Find out more about who your community is and what drives the decisions they make through dynamic meetings, interviews, focus groups, surveys, strategic analysis (such as competitor analysis and trends analysis), and more. We can guide you in crafting a community-relevant future direction for your organization.



  • Strategic planning to meet your needs and context
  • Group facilitation with boards, staff, and/or relevant stakeholders, including:
    • Action planning, prioritization, and goal setting
    • Strategy development
    • Visioning workshops
    • Mission, vision, and values generation or clarification
    • Implementation-focused session to develop metrics, delegate responsibilities, etc.
  • Research and evaluation in service to strategic plan development
  • Strategic analysis, including:
    • Competitor and customer analyses
    • Trends analysis and future forecasting
    • Economic analysis
    • Program health assessment and analysis
    • Financial health assessment and analysis
    • Strategic options analysis