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Who to Invite: A Note about Qualitative Sampling

There are many ways to sample qualitative research participants, Matt shares insights into the two most common.

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What are Online Bulletin Boards?

Exploring online bulletin boards as a qualitative research method.

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How to Use Empathy Maps: A Fictional Case Study

In part two of her blog on empathy maps, Molly provides a (fictional) case study to illustrate the concept.

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What are empathy maps?

Molly discusses what empathy maps are, and how to they may be your new favorite tool to help you understand your customers.

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An Anthropologist’s Guide to Ethnographic Observation

Ethnographic observation is a time-tested methodology that provides rich data. Molly Hagan gives an overview of what ethnographic observation is and how it may be useful for your organization.

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What is Qualitative Data?

In a previous blog, we discussed data storytelling, or using both qualitative and quantitative data to craft a complete story. But what exactly is qualitative data?

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What is data storytelling?

At Corona, we are constantly trying to think of better ways to present data so that it is easy to use. We recently gave a presentation to our friends at Denver Data Storytellers about blended storytelling. Below is a summary of what we discussed.

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The Future of Qual

For years, qualitative market research has been dominated by focus groups and one-on-one interviews. Molly discusses the shortcomings of these traditional methods and how refreshed methodological approaches can overcome their pitfalls.

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How do you measure the value of an experience?

When I think about the professional development I did last week, I would summarize it thusly: an unexpected, profound experience. I was given the opportunity to attend RIVA moderator training and I walked away with more than I ever could have dreamed I would get. Do you know that experience where you think back to […]

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Breaking down the wall between quant and qual

Recently we had a project involving a large survey with numerous open-end questions. Taking the divide and conquer approach, it was all hands-on deck to quickly code the thousands of responses. As a qualitative researcher, coding survey responses can feel like a foreign process and I often found myself overthinking both my codes and the […]

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