At Corona we pride ourselves in a culture of deep trust and respect, and we are committed to leveraging each other’s strengths. We think work should matter and work should be fun. We enjoy learning, we enjoy working together, and we enjoy making our team part of your team.


David Kennedy Principal + CEO

David is our in-house James Bond. He’s flown jets, scaled frozen waterfalls, and likes to mix a good cocktail. So, it’s no surprise that David wears multiple hats in his professional role as well. In addition to providing expertise in market research and marketing insights to our clients, he also serves as Corona’s internal marketing manager… Learn More

Beth Mulligan, PhD Principal

Beth is a cognitive psychologist by training, and brings to her work a deep knowledge of human thinking and behavior, and an intuitive understanding of how to turn that information into numbers that organizations can use. She is also passionate about helping community organizations thrive, and she is committed to helping them make the most of their resources through data-informed decision making… Learn More

Matt Herndon Principal

Matt is especially skilled at uncovering insights in data that might not be obvious at first glance and helping customers to pull off complex projects quickly and efficiently. He has a passion for helping customers to make data-driven decisions and loves seeing customers tackle difficult issues with confidence based on the insights gained through research… Learn More

Kevin Raines Principal + Founder + Owner

Kevin was the guy who turned the lights on at Corona. After a five-year career as an aircraft designer understanding physics, and another six years as an economic researcher understanding dollars, he decided to pursue the hardest thing of all to understand: people. He founded Corona in 1999, and the lights have been on ever since… Learn More

Karla Raines Principal + Owner

Karla Raines didn’t pick up a paintbrush until 2012, though she’s been creating works of art for her clients in the form of compelling strategic plans for over twenty years. Effortlessly moving seemingly disparate elements into a curated and cohesive whole, Karla provides purpose-driven organizations with sought-after clarity and focus… Learn More


Kate Darwent, PhD Director

Kate’s background is in studying human thought and behavior. Her graduate training provided a strong foundation in research design and data analysis. In addition to her love of data, she also developed a love of teaching others about the power of using research to answer questions… Learn More

Matt Bruce Director

Matt is passionate about using critical thinking and creative problem solving to help organizations find data-driven solutions to their problems. His experience working across government, non-profit, and education sectors allows him to understand our customers’ opportunities, constraints, and unique point-of-view… Learn More


Andrew Streight Senior Associate

Tying together several seemingly disconnected disciplines, Andrew is naturally drawn towards understanding what drives people to make the decisions they do. Building on his professional involvement with the process of strategic planning and his unique academic perspective, he aims to support organizations in identifying problems and imagining solutions… Learn More

Molly Hagan Associate

With a background in anthropology, Molly has an innate curiosity in understanding the human experience. Building off of her academic training in qualitative research and analysis, she has a passion for sifting through data to uncover subtle links and patterns that lead to deeper insights… Learn More

Jim Pripusich, PhD Associate

Jim is passionate about explaining the causes of human attitudes and behaviors in addition to the consequences of policy and institutional change. As a political scientist by training, he has expertise in thinking creatively about answering complex research questions with quantitative and qualitative data… Learn More

Caitlin McAteer Associate

An evaluator by training, Caitlin approaches her work with a desire to ensure that intentional small details lead to sustainable and effective systems. Here at Corona, you may often year Caitlin ask, “What is keeping us from where we want to be?” and “How can we use data to get us there?”. Through a unique blend of creative and mathematic processes, Caitlin is passionate about uncovering community perspectives and enjoys empowering social-purpose organizations to challenge the status quo in search for the exceptional… Learn More


Camille Delaney Office Coordinator

As the inhouse bookkeeper, Camille makes sense of Corona’s internal data. She promotes ease at the office, whether it be converting paper files to digital, or offering yoga classes to her coworkers. She has a knack for systemizing and organizing… everything. With a mind for numbers, and an affinity towards people, Camille finds the work Corona produces especially delightful… Learn More