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Tag clouds are, at this point in the history of the web, a well known and widely used method of classifying and displying the content of a website.  There are free services to help you design your own clouds (the picture below was designed in wordle). Some of the resulting clouds are quite artistic. The […]

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More defective research…from the inside

You probably have noticed that we’re pretty passionate about discussing good and less-than-good practices in market research on our blog (if you haven’t, check out here, here, here, here, and here). I was reading the book Why Smart Companies Do Dumb Things the other day and one of the things the author mentioned as a […]

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Market research for the individual

Ran across this site today, thanks to a Google alert. FaceStat – which allows you to rate (and be rated on) attractiveness, occupation, political leanings, and several other characteristics of random individuals who post their picture – seems to be one more twist in social networking sites that bills itself as “market research for the […]

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Guess we won’t be getting a call from Apple

Steve Jobs was recently quoted in Fortune’s America’s Most Admired Companies, as saying, “We do no market research.We don’t hire consultants.” Guess that explains why they haven’t called. I know that innovation often means going out on a limb—revolutionary products don’t come from asking consumers what they want next—but some basic research can prevent costly […]

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Sugging and Frugging

A comment on yesterday’s post brought up how telemarketers have impacted the credibility of market research. Being able to conduct valid research is our life blood and if we were ever unable to get people to participate in our research, we would be unable to provide accurate results to our clients – at least in […]

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Ford’s swap your ride “research”

Ford’s recent commercial depicts real people test driving Fords under the premise of “market research.” Does this have an impact on our industry?Does it discredit true research?Will people be suspicious the next time they’re invited to participate in research (especially for an automaker)? I personally think the effect will be short lived as the ad […]

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Shift Happens

While this video has been making the rounds for a while, I recently ran across it again.Clean presentation, gets to the point and it’s more motivating than daunting.That’s one of the reasons I like research – here are the questions, so now what are the answers? Occasionally, we get to provide some of those answers.We […]

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