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Part 2: Behavioral intention—What we plan to do

Social psychologists suggest that before people engage in an action, they cognitively create behavioral plans (i.e., intentions).  You probably intend to drive to work before you get in the car, and you plan to bake cookies before warming up the oven.  Hundreds of studies have examined behavioral intentions, and these studies have found that behavioral […]

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Part 1: Previous Behavior – What we did

Sometimes we need to know about shopping behavior or drinking behavior or seatbelt use, and because of time or cost, we are unable to conduct a diary study or observational research, so instead we ask about previous behavior.  This is a reasonable substitute for many types of behaviors because previous behavior is typically a strong […]

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Measuring human behavior: Opportunities and Challenges

Tracking, predicting, or measuring change in human behavior is often the goal of market research. We frequently want to know what people do, how they spend their money, or who they vote for. While understanding attitudes, perceptions, and other precursors to behavior is important because they are the avenues to persuasion, sometimes our focus on […]

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Corona launches Chief Strategy Officer service

Savvy executives need a trusted advisor – someone to help them identify strategic questions, offer foresights on trends, reality-check ideas and serve as a champion of change. Someone to help them stay true to their long-term vision while they navigate the day-to-day issues. In today’s world, strategy development and execution need to be an ongoing […]

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Pete and Repeat and Me

Pete and Prepeat sat on a fence.  Pete fell off and who was left?   Repeat. I don’t know about you but I always found that saying annoyed me more that it inspired me.  I got a fresh take on the power of repeat just last week during a gathering of the Consultants Leadership Forum sponsored […]

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Imagine 2020: Denver is talking. We keep listening.

What have Denverites been imagining for arts, culture and creativity in their city by 2020? “More superstar performers coming out of the coffee shops” “An environment that is integrative and inclusive of the arts – everywhere!” “Feature Colorado artists and events at Denver International Airport” “Art in ALL schools” “A vibrant vibe across each neighborhood of […]

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Strategy paying off

In January, our friends at the Center for Women’s Health Research (CWHR) announced the creation of the Judith and Joseph Wagner Endowed Chair in Women’s Health Research. The founder and director of CWHR, Judith Regensteiner, PHD, will hold the prestigious chair. She is a nationally recognized researcher and advocate in women’s health. Regensteiner has  published […]

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What do you imagine for arts, culture and creativity in Denver?

Mayor Michael B. Hancock and Denver Arts & Venues have officially launched the public input process for “Imagine 2020: Creating a future for Denver’s culture.” Imagine 2020 is a data-driven and inclusive community process to create a cultural plan for the City of Denver. Corona Insights is thrilled to facilitate this important process. In addition […]

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The combination of marketing and strategy

Here is a nice blog post by Roger Martin, co-author of a recently released book called Playing to Win: How Strategy Really Works.  Mr. Martin’s blog discusses the interrelatedness between marketing and strategy for companies.  He particularly identifies the 4 P’s of tactical marketing (i.e. product, price, place and promotion) as being naturally rooted in […]

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Curate your data, connections, and content

As a result of the technological advances of the past several decades, we’re inundated with information all day, every day. Business owners and entrepreneurs may believe that the money-making ships have long-since sailed, but there are still opportunities for incredible value creation there, if our thinking is broadened. Where our tendency may be to press […]

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