This is the second in our series of blogs dedicated to showcasing the collective vision in IMAGINE 2020 – Denver’s soon-to-be-completed cultural plan.  The plan will be completed by year-end.  From now through November 22nd, Denver residents are invited to share their thoughts by visiting

Vision #1 – Arts, culture and creativity are fully integrated into daily life, work and play in Denver.

Denver residents and visitors find art, culture and creativity everywhere they turn, from their neighborhoods to downtown and anyplace else they look.  These are visible in daily settings, thus informing city planning, transportation, architecture, housing, public spaces, etc. Opportunities for surprise, delight and creative participation are diverse and infused into everyday life for easy access and appreciation. Denver oozes arts, culture and creativity.

How will we achieve this vision by 2020?  Here are two of the recommended strategies.

  • Launch a 21st century public art program that is flexible, mobile, culturally competent and locally cultivated
  • Expand artistic offerings in city-owned places and spaces (such as parks, rec centers and offices), commercial properties (such as office buildings and malls), and non-traditional venues (such as transit stops, homes, schools, and college campuses)

Imagine yourself experiencing surprise and delight on a weekly or daily basis courtesy of the arts, cultural and creative offerings in your own neighborhood.  Wouldn’t that be terrific?

We ART Denver.

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