This is the fourth in our series of blogs dedicated to showcasing the collective vision in IMAGINE 2020 – Denver’s soon-to-be-completed cultural plan.  The plan will be completed by year-end.  From now through November 22nd, Denver residents are invited to share their thoughts by visiting

Vision #3 – Arts, culture and creativity are truly inclusive and accessible for all.

Denver is a model community demonstrating how cultural institutions, community and faith-based groups, city government, the business community, and individual citizens can come together to advance diversity and inclusion with lasting results.  Strong public will and community leadership have forged an unshakeable commitment to address issues of cultural diversity, access barriers and social equity as they pertain to the arts and engagement.  Arts, culture and creativity serve as both a social equalizer and a mode for authentic expression.

How will we achieve this vision by 2020?  Here are three of the recommended strategies.

  • Increase access to arts, culture and creativity in under-resourced neighborhoods
  • Showcase diverse local artists, assets and venues
  • Celebrate the authenticity of Denver’s diverse neighborhoods and communities

Imagine if Denver residents could experience arts, culture and creativity in their neighborhoods and throughout the city – and we aren’t simply referring to some neighborhoods to all.

We ART Denver.

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