This is the third in our series of blogs dedicated to showcasing the collective vision in IMAGINE 2020 – Denver’s soon-to-be-completed cultural plan.  The plan will be completed by year-end.  From now through November 22nd, Denver residents are invited to share their thoughts by visiting

Vision #2 – Arts, culture and creativity are amplified in Denver – and amplify the city to the world.

Not only are Denver residents aware of the cultural breadth and depth of their city, they are engaged and proud.  We celebrate our history and heritage as we brag about current and emerging art forms.  People regularly read about it, hear about it and experience it.  Residents and visitors can easily learn what’s happening and how to partake in it.  Not only do we vote “yes” on investments in our civic arts and cultural infrastructure, we line up at doors, fill up seats, and max out websites. This level of civic pride and critical cultural dialogue sends a message to the world about what Denver values. More than just a value, it’s part of our identity and in our DNA. We art Denver.

 How will we achieve this vision by 2020?  Here are two of the recommended strategies.

  • Expand media coverage devoted to arts, culture and creativity, including critical media
  • Declare Denver’s cultural identity with a comprehensive brand and set of messages

Imagine being able to find more articles about arts and cultural events around town and pieces showcasing local creative talent.   Then imagine the positive impacts we can achieve in increased tourism and economic development when we have a singular cultural identity proudly proclaimed by all.

We ART Denver.

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