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Corona Insights employee Karla Raines


Where are we now? The new next era nonprofit

I spent the other afternoon sitting around a large table chatting with professionals from across the sector about leadership, and the competencies that an effective leader will need in 2025. As we were chatting about today’s realities – and the social, political, technical and economic factors affecting nonprofits – it struck me that we’ve been here […]

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Corona Insights employee Karla Raines


Reluctance: the antithesis of leadership

All too often strategic success is stymied by reluctant leadership. Reluctance can be seen in behaviors small and large. In essence it’s a failure to act. That action may be as simple as stepping up to fill a gap. Those small misses create a culture of excuses, shrugged shoulders, and not heeding the call for […]

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Predicting The Future

In one form or another, much of market research is aimed at predicting the future.  Whether you are considering opening a new line of business, tweaking your advertisements, or just trying to serve your constituents better, the key purpose is almost always some form of “If we do X, then what will happen?”  However, when […]

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Corona Insights employee Karla Raines


The Challenging In-Between: Bridging the gap among visionaries and operational experts

Over the years I’ve discovered that nonprofit executives and board members typically fall into two main categories: those who are boldly aspirational and those who are decidedly tactical. The first focuses on the big idea and its power to move people. They are lofty, passionate and effervescent. To the operationally-focused person they appear to dodge […]

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Navigating Time and Space: Why we Include Geography

When I was a kid living in Colorado Springs, my family frequently drove to Denver.  We would go to watch baseball games or visit museums.  It is about 60 miles between Colorado Springs and Denver.  Back then, the speed limit was 60 to 65 miles per hour, and I had fun mentally calculating that since […]

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Incorporating Exercises into Focus Groups

At Corona Insights, we are always researching best practices for the work we do.  In the world of qualitative research, this often means best practices for conducting focus groups.  Over the years, we have learned many tips and tricks for conducting focus groups, which includes incorporating exercises into our discussions.  There are a wide range […]

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Corona Insights employee Karla Raines


Of anchors, sails and strategic plans

I’ve been struck recently by my clients’ desires to simultaneously sail and drop anchor. By sailing I’m referring to the opportunity to advance, grow and change, strategically of course. To move towards the horizon. Counterbalancing that vision is an anchoring in the past – where we’ve been – as well as the here and now […]

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A fresh start with your customer feedback

Spring is in the air – though if you’re from our hometown it’s arguably been in the air since January – and what better season is there for a fresh start?  As we often advocate with our clients, a periodic review of your research, evaluation, or strategic plans can help keep them relevant and maximize […]

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Brand Tracking for Sustained Growth

Surveys can be used to guide a plethora of business decisions.  If you’re considering launching a new product or service, a survey can help you get feedback on not only the product or service itself, but your messaging and collaterals as well.  If you’re looking to grow into a new market, a survey can help […]

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To Force or not to Force (an answer): It’s a complicated question

Survey design can be a complex and nuanced process.  We have made a multitude of posts on the subject, including asking the right people to participate, and how to ask the right questions, but one area we don’t talk about a lot is how the answers you provide in a survey can influence your results.  […]

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