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A fresh start with your customer feedback

Spring is in the air – though if you’re from our hometown it’s arguably been in the air since January – and what better season is there for a fresh start?  As we often advocate with our clients, a periodic review of your research, evaluation, or strategic plans can help keep them relevant and maximize […]

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Brand Tracking for Sustained Growth

Surveys can be used to guide a plethora of business decisions.  If you’re considering launching a new product or service, a survey can help you get feedback on not only the product or service itself, but your messaging and collaterals as well.  If you’re looking to grow into a new market, a survey can help […]

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To Force or not to Force (an answer): It’s a complicated question

Survey design can be a complex and nuanced process.  We have made a multitude of posts on the subject, including asking the right people to participate, and how to ask the right questions, but one area we don’t talk about a lot is how the answers you provide in a survey can influence your results.  […]

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The Power of Ranking

One of the fun tools of our trade is index development.  It’s a way to rank order things on a single dimension that takes into account a number of relevant variables.  Let’s say you want to rank states with respect to their animal welfare conditions, or rank job candidates with regard to their experience and […]

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Big Insights can come in Little Numbers

On many of our research projects, the sample size (i.e., number of people who are surveyed) directly relates to research cost.  Costs typically increase as we print and mail more surveys or call more people. Normally, the increase in sample size is worth the extra cost because the results are more likely to accurately reflect the […]

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The cautionary tale of 5 scary strategic planning mistakes: Part V – Don’t get too tuckered out

The scariest proposition is creating a strategic plan that inevitably doesn’t get implemented. Strategic plans are worth their weight in gold when they become a blueprint for future progress. As my final word to the wise, I advise leaders undertaking the strategic planning process to hold onto the momentum created by the planning process to […]

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The cautionary tale of 5 scary strategic planning mistakes: Part IV – Be willing to say “no”

When a strategy is too broad or too vague, then an organization struggles to devote resources to the appropriate priorities.

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The cautionary tale of 5 scary strategic planning mistakes: Part III – Dismiss unrealistic expectations

The process of setting strategy must to be concerned with the external environment - most notably with market, customer, industry and macro conditions.

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Begin with the end in mind

Don't take a research misstep before you even begin. Set 3-5 major goals for the research up front to ensure the end result will meet the needs for which the research was undertaken in the first place.

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The cautionary tale of 5 scary strategic planning mistakes: Part II – Avoid side swipes

Your strategic planning process is in motion and... BOOM! Out of nowhere, another priority collides with the strategy, hijacking the process.

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