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The cautionary tale of 5 scary strategic planning mistakes; Part I: Don’t self-sabotage

Avoid the common pitfalls of strategic planning. Lesson one, the CEO is the chief strategist shouldn't delegate key components such as process management and idea generation.

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Millionaires at McDonalds

A few outliers, such as the uber rich Donald Thump, can have a dramatic influence over your survey results. Carefully consider outliers and read our blog for solutions to handle them in an analysis.

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Data for your sleepless nights

A few months ago, I purchased a fancy pedometer to start collecting more data about myself. For those of you fortunate enough to know my slothful self in real life, I’d like to interrupt your laughter to point out that one of the features I was most interested in was the pedometer’s ability to track […]

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Data-driven strategy, oh yeah.

My Corona colleagues know the ins and outs of data – the good, the bad and the better not to have at all. I’ve learned a lot from them over the years. In my world as a strategic consultant, I’ve seen first-hand what the right data at the right time can do when setting strategy. […]

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The relevance of reviews

Recently, Corona conducted some focus groups in part to understand how people make an important decision. In analyzing the groups, I found that in seeking resources to help make that decision, people preferred referrals from their family, friends and neighbors over quantitative data that was developed using a sophisticated methodology. Why? Participants viewed referrals as […]

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A dose of data for your springtime allergies

Like many people, I have “seasonal allergies.”  March and April bring sneezing fits and foggy brain days for me.  Often I get a sore throat and headaches.  One year I went through three strep throat tests and a course of antibiotics before my doctor decided my swollen throat was caused by allergies. Knowing you’re allergic […]

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Yes, that college degree is still worth the cost of attendance

Here at Corona, we help organizations make strategic decisions via our research and strategy services. But individuals can also use research to make strategic decisions. We read a lot these days about the cost of higher education. While rises in health care costs get more attention, inflation in higher education costs have actually outpaced them, […]

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Using data to improve your life

It’s easy to dream of all of the ways in which organizations can use data to further their business.  The fun doesn’t have to only be left up to organizations, though: have you ever stopped to think about all of the ways data can be used in everyday life? Similar to organizations, individuals can benefit […]

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Can you spot statistically significant differences in your data?

Making data-driven strategic decisions frequently involves understanding differences.  For example, are there differences in public opinion, demographics, or the way people behave? Are there differences among groups of people, between two points in time, or differences from one program to another? Many of our clients ask for help measuring differences and sparking insights from the […]

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How to creatively solve problems

I read this article in the Atlantic a few months ago which described how a surprising number of inventions and innovations in various fields are coming from people who are not experts in the field of interest. It reminded me of how some scientists have created computer games based on real world problems, and people […]

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