When pitching a new client, I’m often asked to reflect on “what went wrong” with another strategic planning process. Perhaps the prospective client is familiar with the other organization either through professional relationships or reputation. Or quite simply, they are curious to know if their own experiences mirror those of other leaders. This quarter, the Corona team is blogging about “what can go wrong”.  With that motivation, I have presented a few of the more gruesome pitfalls to avoid. Lesson number one: don’t self-sabotage your own planning effort.

Let’s face it, as leaders we sometimes get in our own way. Perhaps you find yourself distracted by other pressing matters or realize you are simply going through the motions of (yet another) strategic planning effort. While it is possible to delegate key components of the process, such as process management and idea generation, the CEO is ultimately the chief strategist.

Distracted leadership leaves the process wide open to the other four pitfalls of the planning process. The next four blogs in my series will tell the cautionary tales I’ve learned through a multitude of strategic planning engagements. Use the series to increase awareness of the common obstacles leaders face and avoid making similar mistakes in your own planning process.

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