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Corona Insights employee Karla Raines


Taking a Leap Together: Knowledge Leads to Bold Action and Dramatic Results

Our hero’s journey begins with a quest and ends with a leap.

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Corona Insights employee Karla Raines


Strategic leaders create meaning to make a difference

Distracted by the hyperactivity of daily living? Learn to “say no to say yes.” Hear more on the Groler Podcast where Karla Raines was recently interviewed.

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Corona Insights employee Karla Raines


It Could Have Gone Off the Rails

We sat down recently with CCRP board member Ken Dawson to reflect on their most recent board retreat, conducted by Corona.

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DU’s Keystone Strategic Plan leads to action

  The 20th century model of delivering a liberal and creative arts education is inadequate to the task of developing graduates who can think broadly and critically in and out of their chosen fields. —From the Keystone Strategic Plan 2018-2025   We are thrilled to celebrate the creation of the College of Arts, Humanities & Social […]

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Corona Insights employee Karla Raines


Virtual Natives

Hello virtual native, good-bye digital native. While that statement might seem far-fetched, after all it wasn’t that long ago that we were getting used to the idea of a digital native as a person familiar with computers and the Internet from a very young age, it isn’t too early to plan for a future defined […]

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How to measure what people want

Recently after an interview for a project, some us at Corona had a discussion about whether or not it would be useful to use a survey for the project. Like a lot of projects, this potential client was interested in what new changes the public might want in their organization. And at first, this seems […]

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The drama of measuring strategic progress

Every week from August through January, millions of Americans tune in three nights a week to watch modern-day gladiators battle over a single objective – strategically progressing an oblong ball down the field in 10-yard increments towards the finish line at the 100-yard mark (the end zone, for the growing number of people not tuning […]

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Understanding customer satisfaction requires understanding the customer experience

When people think of doing market research on a new idea, many think it works like this: The problem with this mentality is that humans are notoriously awful at forecasting their own behavior.  It’s easy to say “Sure, I would buy that!” in when clicking a button while taking a survey or when sitting in […]

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Ugh, Millennials

Is anyone else tired of talking about millennials? Millennials have seemingly been on everyone’s mind, with many worrying over their spending habits, charitable giving, large debt, voting behaviors, and other things. Why do we care so much about this generation? Don’t they already have a problem with entitlement and being all about “me me me”; […]

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Activating research

Research that just sits on the shelf (or these days, in a digital folder) is research that probably should not have been conducted. If it is not going to be used, then why do it? Effective research takes many things, from the beginning through the end. We’ve blogged before about the need to start with […]

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