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Where to next? Election polling and predictions

The accuracy of election polling is still being heavily discussed, and one point that is worth some pondering was made by Allan Lichtman in an NPR interview the day after the election.  What he said was this: “Polls are not predictions.” To some extent this is a semantic argument about how you define prediction, but […]

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Ensuring your graphs are honest

For our firm, the very idea of fake news goes against our mission to: Provide accurate and unbiased information and counsel to decision makers. The realm of fake news spans the spectrum of misleading to outright lying. It is the former that got us thinking about how graphs are sometimes twisted to mislead, while not […]

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Strategy in an era of unpredictability

The strategic planning process that is used by many today was created decades ago during a more predictable time. By nature, the process is based on an underlying assumption, namely that changes and trends in the external environment can be predicted with some certainty. So, what about changes that can’t be predicted? Or are unprecedented […]

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What are your organization’s demographics?

It’s probably no secret that we at Corona like to think about demographics a lot (we posted this cool quiz to test your demographic knowledge a few months ago). A few weeks ago, it took all of my self-control to not turn to whoever was sitting next to me on a plane and start discussing […]

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Online research is becoming more feasible in smaller locales (and that includes Denver)

Door-to-door, intercept, mail, telephone, online – surveys have evolved with the technology and needs of the times. Online has increased speed and often lowered cost of conducting surveys. For some populations, it has even made conducting surveys more feasible. However, online surveys haven’t always been feasible in a city such as Denver or even statewide […]

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Is yesterday’s intermediary ready to become the platform of tomorrow?

Living in America’s “it” city in a year of disruptions across the political spectrum nationally and internationally have led me to contemplate evolution in the nonprofit sector. I’m struck by what I’ve observed recently as an emerging trend – the slow decline of the intermediary organization. This may be a heretical statement, I’ll admit, but […]

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The Race to the Rockies – Colorado Migration Part 1

I admit, I am one of many in the horde of people who have recently migrated to Colorado. Indeed, there are tens of thousands of us moving here each year at one of the highest rates in the country. But who really is “us”? Who are the people moving into Colorado in droves? This blog […]

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Art meets architecture in Denver this weekend

Looking for something fun to do this weekend in-between rides on the new A Line to DIA? Check out the arts and cultural activities during Doors Open Denver. Art meets architecture through pop-ups ranging from a nomadic art gallery to poetry, drama, and music performances among the 11 offerings. My favorite? Graffiti art. If you’ve […]

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Happy or not

A key challenge for the research industry – and any company seeking feedback from its customers – is gaining participation. There have been books written on how to reduce non-response (i.e. increase participation), and tactics often include providing incentives, additional touch points, and finely crafted messaging. All good and necessary. But one trend we’re seeing […]

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Your Baby Is Increasingly Special and Unique, Apparently

It seems like when I’m in the mall and hear parents talking to their kids, I hear unusual names more and more often.  I’ve been developing a theory that parents are enjoying creativity more and valuing tradition less when that birth certificate rolls around, so in keeping with Corona Insights tradition, I thought I’d explore […]

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