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The COVID-19 Pandemic’s Effects on Arts and Culture Activity

Similar to many sectors of the economy, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the arts and culture sector both in the Denver metro area and nationwide. In many ways, arts and cultural organizations were some of the most heavily impacted by the pandemic. Pre-pandemic growth trends in the Denver metro area show that arts and culture peaked right before the pandemic in 2019. Comparably, arts and cultural industries were expanding and even thriving at the national level in 2019.

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Covid-19 by the numbers: Impacts on families and children

With Covid-19 cases on the rise again, mask mandates being reinstated, and concerns around the Omicron variant, families with children under 18 continue experiencing some of the greatest impacts of the pandemic.

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What do we mean by the word “justice?”

Connecting facilitation and philosophy, Andrew explores the meaning of the word “justice” and how it is used.

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2020 Census Counts for Apportionment Were Razor Thin

The first results from the 2020 Census show how just 89 people made the difference in which state lost a seat in Congress.

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Kicking off our blogs in 2021, Kate shares three ideas from psychology that shaped her thinking about racial bias and other forms of bias.

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Is the Sky Falling for Political Polling?

Jim assesses how bad this year’s polling miss was, why it may have happened, and what it means for survey research at large.

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Denver – The Ellis Island of Colorado

Kevin explores the hypothesis that new Colorado residents tend to move to Denver, first, then elsewhere in the state.

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Community and Research: Making the Case for a Nuanced Understanding

What is community? In this blog, Molly Hagan encourages us to rethink our assumption about communities when thinking about, designing, and executing research.

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Colorado’s COVID-19 Experience Part 5: Types of Worry

Who is worried about what during the pandemic? We look at our COVID-19 statewide survey results through the lens of personas.

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Colorado’s COVID-19 Experience Part 4: How COVID-19 Impacts Quality of Life

Why do some Coloradans say the pandemic has reduced their quality of life more than others? We assess the economic and social disruption of COVID-19.

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