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What’s everyone saying in those COVID-19 update emails?

We identified the most frequently used words in those coronavirus update emails you’re receiving. Read here to see what we found.

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So, About Our Name…

We were Corona long before that pandemic thing was corona. Here’s the story of how we were named.

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When the virus shares your name: An update on COVID-19 from the Corona Insights team

The Corona team update on COVID-19, including what we're doing to stop the spread and how we can help you right now.

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Displacement, Disruption, and Distortion: Three Forces Threatening Your Mission Delivery in 2020

Karla Raines, creator of Differentiation Zone, shares her insights into three forces threatening your mission delivery in 2020.

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The Future of Qual

For years, qualitative market research has been dominated by focus groups and one-on-one interviews. Molly discusses the shortcomings of these traditional methods and how refreshed methodological approaches can overcome their pitfalls.

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Future of our work: Personas

What are personas? What should you look for when creating them? Are they useful?

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The increasing prevalence of mixed methods research designs

Future research will increasingly leverage the strengths of qualitative and quantitative tools. See how Corona did it to study retirement in Colorado.

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The continuously evolving data privacy landscape

The landscape for personal data protections is a work in progress. Learn about some of these challenges and how Corona is addressing them.

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2020 Election Cycle Brings Spotlight to Colorado

We are heading to another presidential election cycle. Colorado always garners attention as a purple state, but we can expect the 2020 election to be especially interesting. In this blog, Molly Hagan highlights some of the changes that will reshape the Colorado voting landscape.

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Communities Seek Creative Solutions to the Country’s Housing Affordability Crisis

In this blog, Jim Pripusich explores the depth of the current housing affordability crisis. Can creative zoning and “Granny Flats” offer communities relief?

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