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Valentine’s Day Data

Expressing one’s love to another is a celebrated custom on Valentine’s Day. Opinions differ as to who was the original Valentine, but the most popular theory is that he was a clergyman who was executed for secretly marrying couples in ancient Rome. In A.D. 496, Pope Gelasius I declared Feb. 14 as Valentine Day. The […]

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DIY is no substitute for expertise

A great deal of strategic thinking and expertise goes into our work here at Corona Insights. With the abundance of DIY researcher tools (e.g., SurveyMonkey), more and more companies and organizations opt to do research themselves, perhaps not realizing the value outside experts can provide to their project. So it was nice when a recent […]

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Here’s to people who fill out surveys

We got a present today – an Economic Census form! Yes, after 13 years of waiting, Corona Insights is part of the selected sample for the 2012 Economic Census.  Maybe other companies wouldn’t be so excited about getting a 9-page form that starts off with the statement, “Your Response Is Required By Law”, but we […]

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The Power of Numbers

Numbers are an interesting thing. We all have an innate sense of quantities, but numbers are a culturally agreed upon format for representing those quantities. When we are trying to convey quantitative information to other people, the choice between “7 days” vs. “1 week” or “100 out of 300” vs. “1 out of 3” often […]

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“Yes, and Thank You:” Improv in the Nonprofit Sector

This blog was originally posted via InspireDenver, a publication of the Young Nonprofit Professional Network – Denver. In the nonprofit sector, we take our work very seriously. There are lives at stake. Social injustices to right. Children to feed. But for a moment, let’s take a deep breath. And improvise. The maxims of improvisation are […]

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Part 2: The NFL’s Talent Pool and Expansion

In our previous blog, we came to the conclusion that the if you average the ratios over each decade, we end up with an average talent pool of 9.62 million people per team, which is almost exactly the current ratio. Therefore, the fact that we have 32 teams right now means that the league’s expansion has […]

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Cartography: Pros and Cons

Data visualizations and infographics have grown in popularity. More and more data is produced and our ability to absorb it in a meaningful manner has decreased.  By relying more on graphics and less on numbers alone to tell the story, the key message(s) can more easily be distilled. (Follow us on Facebook where we frequently […]

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Part 1: The NFL’s Talent Pool and Expansion

During the holiday season, we think a lot about things that we enjoy, which of course means football and demographics.  We present below a brief discussion on the history of NFL expansion and what it likely means for the future. First, let’s talk about the history of expansion. In professional sports, one of the issues […]

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The most dangerous job in the world

While Santa risks life and limb this evening, we hope you enjoy a pleasant, safe holiday with family and friends. Happy holidays from Corona Insights.  

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Unusual Questions Asked in the U.S. Census

Kevin recently taught a class on how to use U.S. Census data, and did a little historical research on census questions. He discovered a few questions asked in the past that may seem a little odd today, though they likely were quite relevant during their particular time period. They’re paraphrased below. 1. 1850 Census – […]

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