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Online research and carbon emissions

Does online research (specifically focus groups) reduce greenhouse gas emissions of in-person research?  Given our interest in “green” we were excited to look at this report. According to a recent report by Revelation, in-person groups create more than 2.5 times the amount of greenhouse gas emissions than online research (even when all the extra computing […]

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Friday fun: Market research and social media stats

Being so ingrained with uncovering facts and figures around here, we’ve always got our eyes open for interesting market research stats. Social Media Today recently released an article discussing 50 different market research and social media studies done across the country in 2010.  We took a look at the studies and pulled out a few […]

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Friday fun: Polls on annoying polls

If people find voluntary televisions polls are annoying, what are they thinking about your survey?  Be sure you’re asking good questions with a well-designed questionnaire, being respectful of participants’ time, and being as unobtrusive in executing the survey as possible. From the Fail Blog.

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A lunch time treat

Downtown Denver has become a Mecca for mobile restaurants.  Think tricked-out food truck (P. 16 of ColoradoBiz magazine, 08/10 issue).   These trucks are selling everything from cupcakes to biscuits and gourmet lunches.  The cupcake truck, who was affectionately named Clementine by her Facebook group, sports a large following (including our own resident foodie, Meredith). Today […]

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An award-winning anniversary

At Corona, we believe in measurables and benchmarks. So, it seems fitting that upon celebrating one of our Principal’s 10 year anniversary at Corona, she is locally recognized for her history of outstanding work in our community. On June 29, Corona celebrated Karla’s 10 year anniversary with the firm! As the current CEO and Strategic […]

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Friday fun: Mathematical tricksters

A little Friday fun before the holiday weekend. “I have two children. One is a boy born on a Tuesday. What is the probability I have two boys?” Find the answer here (and yes, Tuesday is relevant) and learn more about the recent gathering of mathematical recreationalists, including mathematicians, magicians and “puzzle people”.

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Pivot – A new way to organize and connect data

Ever feel like you have too much data to sift through?  That simple search results aren’t enough?  Or that that bar chart just doesn’t convey the big picture? Enter Pivot. As the Economist recently described in a special report, the amount of data we are creating is immense.  So much so that we can’t even […]

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New Internet math

We like math in its many forms.  We like visuals that tell interesting stories.  And we like this… Thanks to PURE for their post.

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Love for a nerdy webcomic

We loved this webcomic from xkcd. Now, if you also had some other people who also used to think that correlation implied causation, but they didn’t take a stats class …

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Baseball (analytics) fever

We like baseball here at Corona.  Well, at least Leo, Dave and I like baseball. We enjoy the crack of the bat, the smell of the grass, and, because we’re data junkies, the mountains of statistics. Baseball and statistics are inseparable.  There seems to be a stat for every aspect of the game from the […]

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