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Question What You Know

What I’m about to disclose may seem weird, or familiar, depending on the kind of person you are.  Last week our Corona Book Club met to discuss our recent pick, and as I sat down to put together my thoughts on it, I was reminded of an ad campaign from my youth.  I googled the […]

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Latest Edition of The Corona Observer: Coronerds in the Sun

The Corona Observer, our latest quarterly e-newsletter is out! Coronerds in the Sun! Don’t miss future editions, sent about once per quarter. Sign up here.

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The more things change…

If you have been reading our blog you probably have noticed that our summer here at Corona has been one of professional development and learning. Granted, we like to think every season is, but maybe it’s the heat that makes staying indoors and reading or conferencing all the more attractive. Conferences especially are supposed to show […]

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Adventures in Book Club: A Research Story

As it finally starts to feel like summer, one of my favorite activities is sitting outside on the patio reading a good book.  My fellow Coronerds must agree with this sentiment as we recently kicked off summer with our very own Corona Book Club, fearlessly led by Senior Associate, Matt Bruce.  As we started discussing […]

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Tax Burden by County in Colorado

We saw an article in the Durango Herald the other day noting that La Plata County has the fourth-lowest tax burden in the state, and it made us curious.  We found the web site where the figures were posted. The study used assumptions about a typical household, and calculated its cost in state income tax, […]

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Tracking H2O

As a skiing and a river rafting enthusiast, I’m interested in snow levels of our nearby Rocky Mountains and of water levels in our creeks and rivers.  Early summer is therefore an exciting time to monitor snowpack and river levels because changes are dramatic. Luckily, two websites provide current data on snowpack and river levels […]

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Corona Summer Camp 2015: AAPOR

Ah, summer camp. For those of us who were generally allergic to the outdoors as kids, summer camp did not necessarily mean cabins, building fires, and outdoor recreation. In my case, summer camp usually meant summer orchestra, which was the best. Not only did I get to play music for hours every day, I also […]

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Total Trivia Crack Scores by Game and Duration – The final post is a series of blogs analyzing Trivia Crack

We looked at total Trivia Crack scores in our previous blog of this series, and now we’ll close up by delving a little bit deeper.  Because, you see, not all Trivia Crack games are the same. In our methodology section (Blog 4 of this series), we made a comment that players in one-on-one games tend to […]

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Total Trivia Crack Scores – The eighth in a series of posts analyzing Trivia Crack

In our previous six Trivia Crack blogs, we’ve taken a look at each of the individual categories as well as talking a bit about the methodology of collecting and analyzing scores.  Now let’s move on to the capstone of our little Trivia Crack project, which is a look at total scores. We calculated total scores […]

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The Arts Category – The seventh in a series of posts analyzing Trivia Crack

Arts is our final individual Trivia Crack category to analyze, and the seventh blog in our series.  We’ll have two more blog posts after this where we look at total combined scores for all categories, so stay tuned! Arts is the bane of many a player, and is far and away the toughest category.  Let’s […]

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