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Corona Insights employee Kevin Raines


Statler Brothers’ Class of ’57

Four decades ago, the Statler Brothers won a Grammy for their song “The Class of ‘57”.  I heard it the other day, and it’s a great song. Via the magic of Youtube, here it is if you’d like a listen: It’s also an interesting song if you’re into demographics, because the lyrics provide a little non-scientific […]

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Corona Insights employee Matt Bruce


What is the Hardest Science?

If biology, geology, and chemistry are hard sciences, then are other scientific disciplines soft or easy (or scrabbled)?  Social scientists, especially in the natural resource realm, have long advocated for the legitimacy of their research, and they have struggled to define their endeavors under the hard science paradigm. However, the gap between social and natural […]

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Research, insights and coffee

A new sign in my neighborhood off of Broadway and 4th Avenue caught my attention the other day. Apparently, Dunkin’ Donuts is opening its first Denver location. What piqued my curiosity about a new local franchise, however, wasn’t the fact that there will be a new donut shop dangerously close to my apartment within a […]

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In case you were curious like us…

At Corona Insights we are in the business of answering questions. Recently, we had our own question: what  is the wooden tower on Speer and Larimer? The only thing that could subdue the curiosity was a walk over to the … tower, billboard, construction project? As I approached the structure, it was clear I wasn’t […]

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Photo of employee David Kennedy


Proxies for culture

We often rely on formal market research to measure attitudes, values, lifestyles, and other measures of culture, yet given that culture touches everything around us we often don’t need to look far for other signs of a shifting culture. Trends in one area can easily show insight into another. For example, the increasing sales of […]

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Photo of employee Kate Darwent


The Aesthetics of Data

While I’ve been working on the Cultural Plan project (; please submit your input if you haven’t yet!), I’ve been thinking a lot about data presentation. I’ve been thinking about it partially because people who enjoy arts, culture, and creativity obviously value aesthetics, but also because the data from this project, like most projects, will […]

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Excited about Denver’s art

Earlier this week Corona Insights attended the CBCA’s 26th annual Business for the Arts Awards Luncheon. The event was filled with beautiful performances, great food, and incredible examples of work being done in Denver at the intersection of business and arts. Corona Insights would like to congratulate and commend all of the nominees and winners on […]

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The Resource Exchange Introduces a New Service

Congratulations to our friends at The Resource Exchange on unrolling their newest service, New Heights Behavioral Health. We began working with TRE in 2005, and have continued our partnership with them since. Most recently, in late Spring 2012, Corona facilitated TRE’s strategic planning process where the kernel of an idea that has developed into New […]

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An interview with 9News “Leader of the Year” Christine Marquez-Hudson

In 2008, when Christine Marquez-Hudson joined Mi Casa, we had the honor of working with her on efforts to reinvigorate the programs, partnerships, and positive community impact of the organization. On January 17th, 9News named Christine Marquez-Hudson “Leader of the Year”. When the news of this tremendous honor reached Corona Insights, our team was overjoyed […]

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Three new employees on board for 2013

We are so excited to welcome our three new hires: Andrew Monroe, Kate Darwent, and Matt Bruce. Our employees bring intellectual horsepower to our problem-solving methods and are the backbone of everything we do. We pride ourselves on building a team that embodies the essence of Corona: bright thinking and brilliant guidance. Their skills, perspective and knowledge already resonate in their work. Andrew, […]

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