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Corona Insights employee Kevin Raines


Explaining a complex world simply and incorrectly

We got a kick out of Tyler Vigen’s blog which demonstrates that mining data doesn’t mean a whole lot if you don’t know what you’re doing.  He looks at large databases to find nominal correlations between completely unrelated variables.  Let’s see if you can come up with some theories to explain why divorce rates in […]

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Photo of employee Kate Darwent


Data for your sleepless nights

A few months ago, I purchased a fancy pedometer to start collecting more data about myself. For those of you fortunate enough to know my slothful self in real life, I’d like to interrupt your laughter to point out that one of the features I was most interested in was the pedometer’s ability to track […]

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The relevance of reviews

Recently, Corona conducted some focus groups in part to understand how people make an important decision. In analyzing the groups, I found that in seeking resources to help make that decision, people preferred referrals from their family, friends and neighbors over quantitative data that was developed using a sophisticated methodology. Why? Participants viewed referrals as […]

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Photo of employee David Kennedy


Top five ski resorts

Get to know any of us at Corona and you’ll learn that we all seem to have our own little “research” projects going on at any given time – from Beth’s research on allergens, to fantasy football spreadsheet models, and everything in between. My own “research” has often entailed ski season statistics.  In years past, […]

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Corona wins Gold Peak Award for Market Research

Last night, the Colorado American Marketing Association (CO+AMA) celebrated Colorado’s first class marketers at their annual Colorado Peak Awards. Corona Insights was honored to take home our 4th Gold Peak Award in the category of Market Research.  This year, we won the award for our member engagement and brand assessment for the American College of Veterinary […]

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Photo of employee Beth Mulligan


A dose of data for your springtime allergies

Like many people, I have “seasonal allergies.”  March and April bring sneezing fits and foggy brain days for me.  Often I get a sore throat and headaches.  One year I went through three strep throat tests and a course of antibiotics before my doctor decided my swollen throat was caused by allergies. Knowing you’re allergic […]

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Using data to improve your life

It’s easy to dream of all of the ways in which organizations can use data to further their business.  The fun doesn’t have to only be left up to organizations, though: have you ever stopped to think about all of the ways data can be used in everyday life? Similar to organizations, individuals can benefit […]

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Corona Insights employee Karla Raines


Imagine 2020 launch

Yesterday, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock revealed Denver’s first cultural plan in 25 years. This strategic plan, written by Corona Insights in partnership with Denver Arts & Venues, will fuel the next era for our city’s art, culture and creativity. What a treat it was to attend the press conference, see the final printed plan and […]

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343 Travel Magnets and Counting

At Corona Insights, we have a quirky collection of magnets. Hundreds of magnets cover every square inch of ferromagnetic material in our kitchen. Being data scientists, we decided our collection needed to be quantified. Below is a detailed analysis of the origins of our collection. In the spirit of the season, we are giving away […]

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Photo of employee David Kennedy


Paying it forward

The other day while working at my local coffee shop I was surprised to learn that someone ahead of me had left extra cash to cover drinks for the next several customers.  So, I got my drink free and then chipped in the $5 cash I had to keep the pool going. Perhaps you have […]

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