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Integrating market research

Is market research is seen as a partner or in a support role? There are many reason why marketing research should be more integrated into the company. When integrated, companies can male full use of the information created and it is more cost effectiveness. With organizations needing to justify every dollar spent – and needing to make the most out […]

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Good data = smart decisions

Did you take a recent vacation this winter?  When did you start planning?  6 months before? 3 months before? 3 weeks before? When it comes to ski vacations, Vail resorts, through their own research, discovered that the lead time for planning a vacation has greatly decreased.  No longer are people planning and researching in the […]

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Strategic Synergies

At Corona, we’ve learned that issues are never without context and solutions are never siloed. These synergies can be tools and using them requires a team effort. In the world of strategy, we strive for 1 + 1 to equal more than 2. It is in this spirit that we wish to recognize the University […]

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Research and Strategy Trends for 2010 (part 2)

This is part 2 in our Trends for 2010.  Click here to see part 1. Several trends have been emerging in Colorado’s social sector.  Here are a few to keep an eye on in 2010.  These trends recognize the importance of market forces in shaping the nonprofit sector and the tools that leaders can use […]

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Get the cart behind the horse

Why do you want perform that research study?  What is making you rethink your strategy? Is the research being performed because you always perform it (i.e. your annual customer survey)?  Is it just time to put together next year’s plan? Imagine the following… A company conducts an online survey because it’s quicker and cheaper to […]

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Changing perceptions

Service has changed.  It’s still changing. You now use ATMs instead of a window teller.  Maybe you’ve even gone cashless and do everything online. How often do you go into a gas station instead of just paying at the pump? When is the last time you went to a library for reference material instead of […]

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Recognition for recent strategic plan

Corona was proud to receive recognition at the annual luncheon for the Center for Women’s Health Research of the University of Colorado.  Toni Cohig, board chair, extended her special thanks to Corona for their hard work on the strategic plan completed earlier this year.  The luncheon was attended by over 700 people.

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Consistent momentum

You’ve seen this.  You’re in rush hour traffic, steadily moving along.  You see [insert sports car model here] zigging and zagging behind you, try to hunt for the best lane at all times.  Maybe he catches you or even passes you.  But then you pass him again and the process repeats.  And you always feel […]

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Strategy here, strategy everywhere

At Corona, we assist many clients perform at a higher level either directly through our strategic consulting practice or through our primary research and analytic practices where we help clients uncover the right answers to the questions most important to them.  However, while we work with many clients, it is always interesting to see other […]

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Understanding the consumer

Getting caught up on the news I am reminded of the many opportunities in this current economy (yes, opportunities).  Discover the answers to these questions and find your own opportunity. What are your current customers (or potential customers) looking for from your business? What are their motivations? Are there unmet needs in your market?  What […]

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