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Service and the airlines

This is the sixth and final post on our recent trip to Africa.  To see the our other posts, click here.  I’m writing this blog on a business trip, sitting in the middle row of a packed plane.  I’ve just been offered a drink for a cost of two dollars, and I paid $15 or […]

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Corona Helps Determine The Economic Impact of Colorado’s Nonprofit Sector

Although it came out a little before we started blogging, we have been remiss in not letting you know about an important Colorado Nonprofit Association report that Corona Research played a big part in creating. Return on Investment: The Economic Impact of the Nonprofit Sector in Colorado details both the breadth and (huge) economic impact […]

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Coffee & Core Competencies

We do like our caffeine here at Corona, so this post on the 14 different tactics (so far) that Starbucks is employing to revitalize their brand caught our eye. What is interesting about the list of tactics is that almost half are motivated by the same strategic focus: returning Starbucks to it’s “core business” of […]

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Which Starbucks will close?

To many Starbucks patrons out there, the news that Starbucks is closing 600 stores may be a cause for panic.Around the office, a few of us thought about starting an office pool to bet on which ones near us might close.So, I began to wonder what factors will go into their decision to close a […]

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