While sifting through miscellaneous collateral before an event at  the University of Denver, one glossy magazine caught my eye. The front cover had a picture of a student composed of a collage of images with a clear distinction between old  and modern icons. I was thrilled when I realized it was the Winter/Spring 2010 issue of the DU Sturm College of Law’s Alumni Magazine. The cover article  with the evocative illustration was the announcement of their new strategic plan: “A Strategic Plan for the Evolution of Law.”

Corona guided SCOL through the development of their new strategic plan in 2009, with overwhelming faculty approval in December. As of the beginning of May, the faculty approved their various implementation plans with an overwhelming majority. However, SCOL wasted no time informing and garnering support from one of their target audiences: their alumni. The article (beginning on page 22 of the magazine), includes excerpts from the plan document with supporting quotes from thirteen faculty, staff and alumni contributors.

Not only is the SCOL ready to implement their plan , but they are not shy about letting everyone know about it! To read the full strategic plan, click here.