In our previous six Trivia Crack blogs, we’ve taken a look at each of the individual categories as well as talking a bit about the methodology of collecting and analyzing scores.  Now let’s move on to the capstone of our little Trivia Crack project, which is a look at total scores.

We calculated total scores by simply adding the scores of each of the categories together.  Here’s the distribution that we saw.  Note that this graph includes a smoothing algorithm or otherwise it would be incredibly jagged and hard to read.

Total Scores Graph

From the above graph, we see that it takes a score of 393 to rank about 25 percent of Trivia Crack players, and a total score of 425 to rank in the top half.  The top 10 percent of players are scoring 477 or higher, and if you want to be a 1 percenter you’re going to need a 505 or higher.  Good luck!

If you’d like to know exactly where you stand, you can check out the following table for exact scores.

Table of Exact Scores

Alright, it’s time for that final blog post. Let’s dig a bit deeper into these scores by game and duration.