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Staff Interview: Molly Hagan

Molly Hagan puts humanity front and center of everything she does. Whatever the task, she brings a deep understanding of relevant sociocultural forces to inform decisions. Molly’s proclivity for the nuances in people make her excel at everything from moderating focus groups to providing great PBS documentary recommendations. At Corona, she applies expertise in qualitative methods to solve the most difficult problems in research, evaluation, and strategy.

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How Insights + Strategy added up for Donor Alliance

In looking back over Corona’s two decades of work, there may no better example of a client that has utilized the full breadth of Corona’s services than Donor Alliance, the federally-designated, non-profit organ procurement organization serving Colorado and most of Wyoming.

Corona has worked with Donor Alliance, and with Donor Awareness Council, before the two merged, for over a decade. In fact, they were one of my very first clients – perhaps the first – at Corona, 13 years ago. In our weekly staff meeting Kevin had noted the potential project and upcoming meeting with them. As my brother had received a double-lung transplant more than a decade earlier, I had a strong connection to their goal of inspiring the public to register as organ and tissue donors and asked to join the project. Thirteen years on and countless projects later (ok, I counted: 8 projects with Donor Alliance and 8 projects previously with Donor Awareness Council), we’re proud of the work we’ve done and we’re thrilled to see all that they have accomplished.

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The continually evolving Denver International Airport

If you’ve ever seen the giant wall of travel magnets at Corona Insights, you’ll know that we like to travel.  And because we like to travel, we spend a lot of time in airports, particularly at Denver International Airport (DEN).

We like to spend time at DEN.  It’s a fun place to hang out, get some food, explore alien portals, and people watch.  A big factor in our enjoyment is the work of this month’s client interviewee, Stacey Stegman.  Stacey is the Sr. Vice President of Communication, Marketing, and Customer Service of DEN, which is both a formidable job and a formidable business card.  As one of her many duties at DEN, she oversees the customer experience at the airport.

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Promoting Animal Welfare: The Dumb Friends League

In honor of Corona’s 20th anniversary, we are celebrating the outstanding people and organizations making a positive contribution to our community.

Each month, Corona is making a $500 donation in honor of a member of our team. For April, Matt Herndon selected The Denver Dumb Friends League. We chatted with Matt to learn more about this organization and his relationship with them.

Matt and his wife Kelly are pet people. They like dogs and they have two cats: Pywacket and Cid. It’s fitting that Matt chose the Dumb Friends League as his recipient of Corona’s $500 donation.

Py and Sid.
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Staff Interview: Matt Herndon

Matt Herndon solves problems. When problems are complicated and clients need help findings effective and efficient solutions, they call Matt who serves up the perfect answer without overcomplicating. He meets his clients exactly where they are and then guides them to useful results. This is why Matt has so many long-standing clients, including the Children’s Museum of Denver, CollegeInvest, Pinnacol Assurance, and Summit County Public Health.

Matt is celebrating his 10th year working at Corona and his 12th year in the market research industry. He was first attracted to Corona because it was good way to blend his math skills, market research education, and business sprit. Additionally, Corona’s founder and long-time CEO, Kevin Raines, was a hard-core Kansas City Chiefs fan, so that was a good sign.

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Navigating a Dynamic Operating Environment: Colorado Nonprofit Association

While there is a unique excitement and joy that comes with every project that we do, working with certain clients over many years can be especially rewarding. Not only do we get to really know an organization during a lengthy working relationship, but we also get to see how they use the project work that we do for them. As we complete our 20th year of business, we are highlighting some of our clients, including many who have worked with us over a number of years. I have worked with the Colorado Nonprofit Association on a variety of projects over the past five years, so I was excited to hear more about the relationship between the Association and Corona. Renny Fagan, President and CEO of the Association, graciously agreed to speak with me about our work together.

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Celebrating our community: Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

In honor of Corona’s 20th anniversary, we are celebrating the outstanding people and organizations making a positive contribution to our community.

Each month, Corona is making a $500 donation in honor of a member of our team. For March, Andrew Streight selected the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). We chatted with Andrew to learn more about this organization and his relationship with them.

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Staff Interview: Andrew Streight

Andrew Streight joined our team at Corona about 18 months ago, but he has been such a natural fit that it feels like he’s been around much longer.  His skills and interests position him right at the nexus of our practice areas, so Andrew is playing a key role in taking our integration of research, evaluation, and strategy work to the next level.

Andrew was drawn to Corona as a firm that would value and nurture his love of learning and commitment to doing work in the public interest.  He had received a Family Economic Success fellowship from the National Conference of State Legislatures while at Colorado College where he studied ethical and political philosophy and initially piqued his interest in the nonprofit sector. He proceeded to complete a master’s degree in Global Finance, Trade, and Economic Integration at the Korbel School of International Relations at the University of Denver (DU), with a certificate in International Law and Human Rights. With his training, he was drawn to jobs in consulting where he would have an opportunity to learn about new industries and new solutions and apply those learnings to help social sector organizations improve their communities.

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The Art and Soul of This City: Denver Arts & Venues (part 2)

In our previous blog post, we reminisced with Ginger White-Brunetti and Tariana Navas-Nieves about the cultural planning process that led to the creation of IMAGINE 2020. In today’s blog post, we wrap up our interview by chatting about new challenges that arts, culture, and creativity face in Denver today. We also discuss some of the memorable moments from working together.

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