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Community and Research: Making the Case for a Nuanced Understanding

What is community? In this blog, Molly Hagan encourages us to rethink our assumption about communities when thinking about, designing, and executing research.

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Welcome, Camille

Help us say hello to the newest member of the Corona team – Camille Delaney!

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Colorado’s COVID-19 Experience Part 5: Types of Worry

Who is worried about what during the pandemic? We look at our COVID-19 statewide survey results through the lens of personas.

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Colorado’s COVID-19 Experience Part 4: How COVID-19 Impacts Quality of Life

Why do some Coloradans say the pandemic has reduced their quality of life more than others? We assess the economic and social disruption of COVID-19.

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Adaptation in Evaluation: Pressures and Progress in a Time of COVID-19

What should you do when your COVID-19 program modifications render your evaluation plan out of date? Here is an example of an adaptive evaluation strategy that can help get you thinking creatively.

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Colorado’s COVID-19 Experience Part 3: Past & Future Plans

Immediately or within a year? See how soon Colorado residents feel comfortable getting back to various activities after shelter in place is lifted.

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