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Photo of employee Annie Theodoropoulos


Less is More: When to stop qualitative data collection and start analysis

If you find yourself wrestling with the impulse to always collect more data, try analyzing data as you go.

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Photo of employee Jim Pripusich


Helping Museums Conduct Better Surveys

We joined Museums As Progress’ Research Office Hours to discuss ways arts and cultural organizations could improve the insights they collect through surveys.

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Corona Insights employee Jane Klinger


Norms & Behavior Change, Part 1: When and Why We Conform

In this three-part blog series, one of our resident Psychology experts explains a psychological principle we often leverage to help clients promote behavior change: the power of social norms. Part 1 addresses when and why social norms are so powerful.

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Corona welcomes two new team members

Corona Insights has welcomed two new team members in the past few months! Learn more about their backgrounds and roles at Corona.

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(Not) Big News

On January 1 of this year, Corona had a momentous occasion: the seamless transition of company ownership from the company's founding owners, Kevin and Karla Raines, to longtime employees David Kennedy, Beth Mulligan, Kate Darwent, and Matt Bruce.

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Photo of employee Annie Theodoropoulos


Qualitative Deep Dives: Positionality, Footing, and Reflexivity

How does our role as researcher impact the data and findings we achieve?

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