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Corona Insights employee Matt Bruce


Is a survey like an ice cream cone?

Matt discusses how a survey and an ice cream cone have a few things in common.

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Photo of employee Maria Cuevas


The COVID-19 Pandemic’s Effects on Arts and Culture Activity

Similar to many sectors of the economy, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the arts and culture sector both in the Denver metro area and nationwide. In many ways, arts and cultural organizations were some of the most heavily impacted by the pandemic. Pre-pandemic growth trends in the Denver metro area show that arts and culture peaked right before the pandemic in 2019. Comparably, arts and cultural industries were expanding and even thriving at the national level in 2019.

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Corona welcomes four new team members in 2021

We want to formally introduce our newest additions in 2021, even if some feel like they've been here forever already.

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Photo of employee Sam Keating


Covid-19 by the numbers: Impacts on families and children

With Covid-19 cases on the rise again, mask mandates being reinstated, and concerns around the Omicron variant, families with children under 18 continue experiencing some of the greatest impacts of the pandemic.

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Corona Insights employee Kevin Raines


The 2020 American Community Survey and the Pandemic: Trouble is Brewing

As demographers and market researchers, we rely heavily on US Census data to inform and underpin our work.  In particular, we frequently use American Community Survey (ACS) data, which is the annual Census sample data collection process to examine the characteristics of the American population.  Over 3 million addresses are surveyed each year. As we […]

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Photo of employee Jim Pripusich


Examining The New Way The 2020 Census Asked About Race

We explore what this change means for data collection and what other adjustments we might expect in the future.

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