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Photo of employee Annie Theodoropoulos


Can we use AI for qualitative research? 

Where and how can AI be leveraged to gain insight into human lived experience?

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Photo of employee Sam Keating


Can ChatGPT be used for quantitative research? 

By now, we have probably all heard something about AI, or artificial intelligence. Lately, it seems like AI is being mentioned everywhere…

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Announcing Karla Raines’ Retirement

After more than 20 years of helping Corona and our clients grow and succeed, Karla Raines is retiring.

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Corona welcomes two new team members in 2022

We want to formally introduce our newest additions in 2022, even if some feel like they've been here forever already.

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Corona is hiring!

Corona is hiring! Learn more about the position here.

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Photo of employee Kate Darwent


Evaluation: It’s not just for granting agencies!

Kate discusses the benefits of program evaluation.

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