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How to Use Empathy Maps: A Fictional Case Study

In part two of her blog on empathy maps, Molly provides a (fictional) case study to illustrate the concept.

By Molly HaganRead More


What are empathy maps?

Molly discusses what empathy maps are, and how to they may be your new favorite tool to help you understand your customers.

By Molly HaganRead More

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What is promising practices research?

In program design and evaluation, promising practices research is a reliable approach for developing research-based, sustainable, and tailored practices.

By Caitlin McAteerRead More

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What is secondary research?

In a world of confusing research-related jargon, we discuss secondary research and how it can be used to illuminate answers by using information that already exists.

By Caitlin McAteerRead More


What is knowledge?

We explore the definition of the word “knowledge” and what that means for the work we do.

By Andrew StreightRead More

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Corona expands strategic planning services

Corona Insights is excited to announce the expansion of our strategic planning services. Read more here.

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