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Corona Insights employee Matt Bruce


Who to Invite: A Note about Qualitative Sampling

There are many ways to sample qualitative research participants, Matt shares insights into the two most common.

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What are Online Bulletin Boards?

Exploring online bulletin boards as a qualitative research method.

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Photo of employee Maria Cuevas


Computer-Generated Transcription – What to know for your next research project

In this blog post, we explore the pros and cons of using computer-generated transcription features and tools. At Corona, we have experimented with several transcription services and tools, both transcribed by real people and machine. As researchers, we understand that transcripts of focus group conversations and in-depth interviews are essential to every qualitative research project. However, transcript usage can extend beyond research and into our everyday lives as a tool to support facilitating meetings and other important conversations.

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Corona Insights announces a new Principal

Corona Insights announces our newest Principal, Kate Darwent.

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What’s your readability score and why should you care?

We all want to make sure our audience can easily understand what we write. Most people do not have the patience to sift through complicated sentences and jargon. They want to get to the punch line and move on with their day.

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Corona Insights is hiring!

We're hiring! View the job description and learn how to apply here.

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