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The Corona team is happy to announce we have brought on board Paul Collier and his company Coeffect.

Over the last several years Paul has helped 65+ nonprofits and social enterprises leverage their data to make a greater impact. Much of Coeffect’s work focused on helping organizations build their internal capacity for collecting and leveraging data by establishing their own impact measurement strategy, habits for data collection and analysis, and data systems.

We have known Paul throughout Coeffect’s journey and, through years of getting to know each other, we discovered how complementary our work is to each other’s. We not only do very similar work, but we both do the work for similar reasons—to help our clients learn and improve so that their communities can thrive.

Photo of employee Paul Collier

Paul, now a Coronerd (and Director), will continue to serve his existing clients and our existing team will continue in stride with our client engagements.  But we are excited for the additional depth of knowledge and expertise each of us can bring in time to the other’s work.

So join us in welcoming Paul. We hope you have an opportunity to meet and work with him soon!