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Corona Insights employee Catherine Rockey


Equity and Access in Translation, Part 1

In the digital era, offering translations for online content is a no-brainer for inclusivity. But are automated tools really doing justice to your message? And why does it matter if translations are a little off? It all boils down to equity and access. Discover how the principles of plain language apply to online communications, especially when touching on sensitive subjects like legal processes or mental health discussions.

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Photo of employee Maria Cuevas


Flexing Our Empathy Muscles

You might think that the work of self-proclaimed nerds at Corona would entail long, lonely hours staring at screens littered with tech-savvy jargon—but imagination and empathy are actually central to our work!

By Maria CuevasRead More

Corona Insights employee Jane Klinger


Norms & Behavior Change, Part 3: Case Studies

Now that we’ve learned about the power of norms and walked through message crafting, let’s put our normative appeal Spidey-sense to the test.

By Jane KlingerRead More

Photo of employee David Kennedy


Welcome, Paul!

Join us in welcoming Paul Collier and Coeffect to the Corona team!

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Photo of employee Paul Collier


Talking Metrics, Part II: A Framework for Looking at Metrics

There are many frameworks that relate metrics to organizational goals. Paul discusses his preferred framework here.

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Photo of employee Paul Collier


Talking Metrics, Part I: Let’s Break Down the Buzzword

This blog post is dedicated to a trendy word in the social sector, “metrics.”

By Paul CollierRead More