Yesterday, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock revealed Denver’s first cultural plan in 25 years. This strategic plan, written by Corona Insights in partnership with Denver Arts & Venues, will fuel the next era for our city’s art, culture and creativity. What a treat it was to attend the press conference, see the final printed plan and hear firsthand the excitement felt by city leaders and residents.

Corona leveraged its expertise in strategy, data and market research to serve the company’s hometown. The result? A community-centered plan designed to achieve a seven part vision. From finding more art around every corner, to learning over a lifetime and supporting local artists, Denverites hunger for more art.

What can you do? Go to and check out the plan.  There will be an official release party on Thursday at 6pm. Come early to see a presentation of the research behind the plan by Corona Insights that starts at 4pm.  Then stay tuned to see how you can get involved.

We ART Denver.
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