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It’s Time to Do the Work

Last summer we made a promise to you, our clients and our community at-large, that we are committed to embedding anti-racism principles in every step of our work.

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What are empathy maps?

Molly discusses what empathy maps are, and how to they may be your new favorite tool to help you understand your customers.

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Corona expands strategic planning services

Corona Insights is excited to announce the expansion of our strategic planning services. Read more here.

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A Fall Facilitation Special

Need a facilitator this fall? We are offering a 50% discount now through the beginning of the year as a way to help our local nonprofits. Learn more here.

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Happy 20th Anniversary, Karla Raines!

20 years after she joined Corona, Karla continues to be a leader and influencer in the firm and in the community.

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10 tips for facilitating your next Zoom meeting

Virtual meetings are the new norm for teams right now; here are 10 tips to make them more productive, efficient, and human-centered.

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When the virus shares your name: An update on COVID-19 from the Corona Insights team

The Corona team update on COVID-19, including what we're doing to stop the spread and how we can help you right now.

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Displacement, Disruption, and Distortion: Three Forces Threatening Your Mission Delivery in 2020

Karla Raines, creator of Differentiation Zone, shares her insights into three forces threatening your mission delivery in 2020.

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Look beyond the financial transaction

It’s about connections, not cash.

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What to join? Co-working space, meetup or traditional association?

Your members’ options are endless.

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