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Why pay research participants?

We’ve probably all received some type of payment for participating in research before, whether it was for completing a survey, participating in a focus group or online community, or other form of research. But should we be paying people for their participation?  While it would be nice if people would be intrinsically motivated to take […]

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Is cluster sampling a good fit for your survey?

Here at Corona, we strive to help our clients maximize the value of their research budgets, often by suggesting solutions that get the job done faster, better, or at a reduced cost. In survey research, developing an accurate sampling frame (i.e., a list of the study population and their contact information) is instrumental for success, […]

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Online polls are not scientific research

We remain surprised at the number of people who mistake open online polls for scientific research. This story about SeaWorld and a question about whether they “stuffed the ballot box” on an online poll overlooks the bigger picture when they discuss the topic. Online polls with open links are not scientific research and you can […]

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The language of surveys

Language is simultaneously one of the most interesting and one of the most frustrating aspects of doing research with people. However, until we figure out a way to read people’s minds as they go about their daily lives, we have to rely on surveys to better understand their thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs. Unfortunately, language is […]

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How to tell real market research from … other stuff

A few years back, a coworker and I wrote a couple of entries for the Encyclopedia of Survey Research on the topics of “sugging” and “frugging”. These are highly unethical practices where an organization attempts to sell a product or fundraise in a manner that uses market research as a cover. I got something in […]

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What hot wing sauce can teach us about scales

Years ago, my brother and I used to devour hot wings.  Emphasis on hot. While I don’t always default to the hottest option now (age = wisdom?), I still opt for sauces on the hotter end of scale.  But those scales seem increasingly far from standard. Sauces used to be fall under mild, medium, and […]

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You Can Survey Too Much

Last week, the Wall Street Journal wrote a piece called, “Dear Airline, Here is the Problem…” about airline customer surveys and how they’re used.  We enjoyed the article and wanted to share our key takeaways: The airlines sample judiciously to develop statistically reliable data with minimum intrusion on their customers.  This is a more sophisticated […]

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Times, they are a-changin’

As recently as a couple of years ago, we were keeping our distance from online panels for research.  We even blogged about it.  But things have been changing.  And now evidence is starting to accumulate that online polls can rival (or even exceed) traditional polling methods in accuracy.  A recent article in The Atlantic provides […]

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DIY is no substitute for expertise

A great deal of strategic thinking and expertise goes into our work here at Corona Insights. With the abundance of DIY researcher tools (e.g., SurveyMonkey), more and more companies and organizations opt to do research themselves, perhaps not realizing the value outside experts can provide to their project. So it was nice when a recent […]

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Here’s to people who fill out surveys

We got a present today – an Economic Census form! Yes, after 13 years of waiting, Corona Insights is part of the selected sample for the 2012 Economic Census.  Maybe other companies wouldn’t be so excited about getting a 9-page form that starts off with the statement, “Your Response Is Required By Law”, but we […]

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