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How to Choose your own Adventure when it comes to Research

One of the things we’ve been doing at Corona this year that I’ve really enjoyed is resurrecting our book club. I enjoy it because it’s one way to think about the things we are doing from a bigger picture point of view, which is a welcome contrast to the project-specific thinking we are normally doing. […]

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Weight on What Matters

In May, Kate and I went to AAPOR’s 70th Annual Conference in Hollywood, FL.  Kate did a more timely job of summarizing our learnings, but now that things have had some time to settle, I thought I’d discuss an issue that came up in several presentations, most memorably in Andy Peytchev’s presentation on Weighting Adjustments […]

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Corona Summer Camp 2015: AAPOR

Ah, summer camp. For those of us who were generally allergic to the outdoors as kids, summer camp did not necessarily mean cabins, building fires, and outdoor recreation. In my case, summer camp usually meant summer orchestra, which was the best. Not only did I get to play music for hours every day, I also […]

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Brand Tracking for Sustained Growth

Surveys can be used to guide a plethora of business decisions.  If you’re considering launching a new product or service, a survey can help you get feedback on not only the product or service itself, but your messaging and collaterals as well.  If you’re looking to grow into a new market, a survey can help […]

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To Force or not to Force (an answer): It’s a complicated question

Survey design can be a complex and nuanced process.  We have made a multitude of posts on the subject, including asking the right people to participate, and how to ask the right questions, but one area we don’t talk about a lot is how the answers you provide in a survey can influence your results.  […]

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Haunted by Old Survey Questions

“As the Corona team bravely entered the haunted project file, they heard a strange sound. They quickly turned to the right to see analyses covered in cobwebs. They shuddered. Suddenly a weird shadow crossed their faces. As they looked up, they could barely make out what it was…a report? An old invoice? No, it couldn’t […]

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Asking the “right” people is half the challenge

We’ve been blogging a lot lately about potential problem areas for research, evaluation, and strategy. In thinking about research specifically, making sure you can trust results often boils down to these three points: Ask the right questions; Of the right people; and Analyze the data correctly As Kevin pointed out in a blog nearly a year […]

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Millionaires at McDonalds

A few outliers, such as the uber rich Donald Thump, can have a dramatic influence over your survey results. Carefully consider outliers and read our blog for solutions to handle them in an analysis.

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How to make sense of open-ended responses

As we’ve pointed out before, including an open-ended question or two on a survey can be incredibly enlightening. After all, these kinds of questions really bring the attitudes and beliefs of respondents to life and leave the researcher with a rich pool of genuine opinions on a topic. However, open-ended data can sometimes present an […]

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How to ask demographic questions

Asking demographic questions (e.g., age, gender, marital status) should be the easiest of survey questions to ask, right?  What if I told you asking someone how old they are will yield different results than asking in what year they were born, or that asking a sensitive question (e.g., How much money did you make last […]

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