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Nonprofit Exec = Strategist + Business Model Designer

As a strategic consulting firm, Corona has been advancing an approach to nonprofit strategic planning that links strategy development with nonprofit business model design since early 2010.  We knew we were onto something, but always appreciate an independent study or book that affirms our concept. Now along comes Cynthia A. Montgomery, Timken Professor of Business […]

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RFP Scoping Using our Insights for Strategic Marketing Machine

Not too long ago, here at Corona we became aware of an RFP (request for proposal) from an out-of-state agency calling for market research services on behalf of its client, who provides energy efficiency related services. Oftentimes, when evaluating for-profit sector RFPs, our Insights for Strategic Marketing framework allows us to identify where potential customers […]

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Corona Insights is hiring a Research Associate

Calling all bright minds in Denver and beyond! Corona Insights is looking for a talented, quantitative research associate with a data and analysis focus to join our team. This position’s primary responsibilities will include: analysis and interpretation of quantitative data, data quality control, creation of crosstabs, creation of charts, graphs and visuals to represent data, and […]

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What is orange, black and full of treats?  We are! This year, we celebrated Coronaween.  Staff donned our official company colors and feasted on a potluck lunch of Halloween-inspired goodies. We voted on our annual spirit award, which was duly given to Kevin. Check it out! Can you guess how many sticks of butter were used for […]

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Seeing the light when setting strategy

A key task when engaging in strategic planning for any nonprofit is scanning the external environment. Our goal? To spot the signal. Why is the signal so darn difficult to see? Our sight is clouded by the details and drama of today. Too often we find executives and boards mistake near-term drama for tomorrow’s opportunity […]

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That hammer is a lousy screwdriver

We’ve spoke about the best tool for market research before (there isn’t one) and even used the hammer analogy in previous posts.  We’ve even spoke about how Apple doesn’t believe in market research. So this article from Fast Company describing why focus groups kill innovation shouldn’t be a surprise to us.  And it isn’t.  I agree. […]

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