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Concerns over online tracking

We’ve talked about privacy concerns before, and as society has become more digital, the digital footprint of individuals – and the resulting concern about where that information ends up and how it is used – will only continue to grow. The recently reported on how some firms track online behavior without explicit consent.  We […]

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Reliability of Google Trends

I recently wrote a post on Google’s new service, Google Insights, which is an evolution of Google Trends.  As a result of that post, I ran across this post discussing if Google Trends is reliable. One of the examples used compared the term “market research” to “advertising” and showed that both terms declined (as a […]

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Coffee & Core Competencies

We do like our caffeine here at Corona, so this post on the 14 different tactics (so far) that Starbucks is employing to revitalize their brand caught our eye. What is interesting about the list of tactics is that almost half are motivated by the same strategic focus: returning Starbucks to it’s “core business” of […]

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Tag clouds are, at this point in the history of the web, a well known and widely used method of classifying and displying the content of a website.  There are free services to help you design your own clouds (the picture below was designed in wordle). Some of the resulting clouds are quite artistic. The […]

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Corona presents “Do it yourself surveys”

Our CEO, Kevin Raines has been chosen to present on the topic of Do It Yourself Survey Results for the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce and the Denver Metro Small Business Development Center at the Business Excellence Forum. His presentation will explore: The advantages and disadvantages of survey research; The pros and cons of different […]

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More defective research…from the inside

You probably have noticed that we’re pretty passionate about discussing good and less-than-good practices in market research on our blog (if you haven’t, check out here, here, here, here, and here). I was reading the book Why Smart Companies Do Dumb Things the other day and one of the things the author mentioned as a […]

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