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Trends in travel…and research

I attended the Governor’s Colorado Tourism Conference in Beaver Creek. It was a fun three days and we ran into several people we’ve worked with and met several more that we hope to.  The conference started off with Daniel Levine from the Avant-Guide speaking about “The Five Social Trends that will propel Colorado Tourism into the Next Decade.” It got […]

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Professional survey respondents

We get a lot of inquiries about how to join our panel or participate in our focus groups, and consequently we spend a lot of time explaining that we don’t maintain this kind of recruiting list for participants.  (We custom recruit for almost all our groups.  We’ll explain why below.)  Some questions come from people […]

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The importance of “other” both here and in Madagascar

This is the third in a series of posts on our recent trip to Africa.  To see our first two posts, click here and here. We checked into a hotel in Antananarivo, and I was delighted to see that the Malagasy people embrace market research.  Inside our room was a customer service survey asking about […]

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Who Uses the Internet? (Part 2: Demographics)

Part one of our examination of who uses the Internet looked at the question geographically.  In part two, we’ll look at Internet usage nationwide (data again via the NTIA) broken down by several important demographic variables. In all of the graphs that follow, in-home Internet usage (green portion of the bars) and outside of the […]

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Temporarily Buried……

I know last week we promised an our readers a blog post, but your faithful number crunchers have been a little slammed with project work lately and our principals would rather have us maintain our high quality of work than maintain our blog!  Please look for our update to appear soon.

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Customer service and the little things

This is the second in a series of posts on our recent trip to Africa.  To see our initial post, click here.  One thing that’s nice about traveling is being out with the public.  As researchers, we’re natural peoplewatchers, and this helps us with research designs when we’re back at our desks. Our first interesting […]

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