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Who Uses the Internet? (Part 1: State by State)

Who can’t answer your Internet survey? Who is unable to view your spiffy new website? Who won’t be reached by your email newsletter? In survey research, we call the answer to these questions coverage error or the proportion of individuals in your population of interest who are unable to be sampled/reached. Although it’s a statistical concept, […]

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The official lemur of Corona Research

Karla and I just returned from a vacation in South Africa and Madagascar, and  for the next few Fridays I’ll be sharing some market research-y things that we learned during that trip.  However, today I thought I’d start by offering a picture of The Official Lemur of Corona Research.  Stay tuned for some more relevant […]

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Corona Helps Determine The Economic Impact of Colorado’s Nonprofit Sector

Although it came out a little before we started blogging, we have been remiss in not letting you know about an important Colorado Nonprofit Association report that Corona Research played a big part in creating. Return on Investment: The Economic Impact of the Nonprofit Sector in Colorado details both the breadth and (huge) economic impact […]

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Corona provides data for Eco Pass issue

For those of you in our area – and especially if you commute using RTD’s Eco Pass – you may have heard about RTD’s proposed plan to eliminate the pass for small businesses. (As background for those of you not acquainted with Denver Transit, RTD is the local transit authority and the Eco Pass is a pass […]

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Corona is a semi-finalist for the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award

While we typically try not to toot our own horn too much, we just had to share… Corona Research is a semi-finalist for the BBB’s Torch Award for Marketplace Trust! This puts us in the top ten of all nominees – and congrats to the other nine firms as well! In case you are wondering […]

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Greening Market Research

We’ve been trying to do our part here at Corona to help the environment, or at least minimize our impact on it.  From office recycling, buying “greener” products, to the EcoPass (Denver’s public transit pass provided by employers), we continue to look for ways to shrink our footprint. That’s why I was quite excited to […]

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