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Photo of employee Annie Theodoropoulos

Annie Theodoropoulos, PhD Senior Associate

Annie is an anthropologist and program evaluator with extensive fieldwork experience among hard-to-reach populations. Her love of qualitative research has led her down many paths, from the research-driven realm of academia to the client-focused field of evaluation. With a focus on human-centered research, Annie strives to uncover the stories in the data that shed light on how we form our perceptions, articulate values, and forge new possibilities in an ever-shifting world.

Annie is also passionate about education and teaching. She has served as an instructor (now adjunct faculty) in the anthropology department at the University of New Mexico for nearly a decade. Whether in class with her students, in the field conducting interviews or focus groups, or working closely with clients and stakeholders, Annie brings the same rigor and curiosity. No question is too small to be engaging or too large to tackle.  

When not glued to her computer, Annie moonlights as a fiber artist. She is an experienced crochet garment maker who often works with other crochet artists to test and finalize their patterns for the market. She also hopes to publish her own designs in the future.


Annie has a Ph.D. and M.A. in anthropology from the University of New Mexico, and a dual concentration B.A. in religious studies and anthropology from the University of Chicago.