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Asking survey questions that measure what you are trying to measure

It’s a common problem seen in market research – asking one question to imply the answer to another. Sometimes it’s unavoidable- when writing a survey, you can’t show your hand and let participants know the information you are really looking for. However, too often interpretations and decisions are made not by faulty data, but by […]

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Friday football factoids

Here are some fun facts for NFL fans to consider in a winding string of related logic.

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MythTrouncers Episode 4: Research doesn’t do anything but sit on the shelf and collect dust.

Myth: Research doesn’t do anything but sit on the shelf and collect dust. Well…I’d love to raise my nose in the air and snootily say, “That is ridiculous. That sort of thing does not happen!” But I’m pretty sure many of us have witnessed times in which it indeed has been the case. It’s interesting […]

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Looking at survey responses by audience

First, let me say, “Happy March Madness” to all of our followers as the men’s NCAA basketball tournament kicks off today.  We’re all in the office working today at Corona—still settling into the new space—but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about the tournament every once in a while, right? Here’s a graph from ESPN.com […]

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MythTrouncers Episode 1: Quantitative research is better than qualitative, and vice versa.

Myth:  Quantitative research is better than qualitative (or) qualitative research is better than quantitative. As a gal who holds qual research so near and dear to my heart, my initial reaction to the first half of this myth is to lean back in my desk chair and yell dramatically, “Noooooooo!” But in an effort to […]

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How many people actually cut the cords?

Reconciling survey data with the real world. A recent survey from Deloitte found that one in five U.S. residents say they have either cut the cord (i.e., cancelled cable or satellite service) or are thinking about doing it. Nine percent of survey respondents indicated they have recently “cut the cord” while another eleven percent are […]

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Asking questions of value

You know the surveys on the back of fast food receipts?  I called in to complete one the other day and thought I’d share my experience. It first asked the six digit store number and then had me verify it was correct.  This was followed by a question if I used the drive-thru or dined […]

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Neuromarketing is catching on – but is it ready for prime time?

Neuroscience in market research is growing, and while it is still an uncommon methodology for most, it is moving into the realm of standard methodologies. The premise is simple enough – people don’t always reveal what’s driving their decision making, and more importantly, people don’t always even know what is driving their decisions.  Since people […]

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Seeing data is far better than reading data

We all absorb information differently – some of us can look at graphs or tables, some prefer more pictorial visuals like infographics, and some even can read binary. While infographics are often creative masterpieces, the real power of infographics of course is to convey the impact of the data, not just the data itself.  I […]

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It’s not what the numbers add up to, it’s what they mean

Remember to look beyond your own numbers to see the bigger story they tell. Happy Friday.

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