Quantitative Research

Corona Insights employee Gracia Seeley


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Quantitative Data

We strive for accurate, inclusive representation in our quantitative research. Here are a few tactics we use to ensure quality results.

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Photo of employee Paul Collier


Talking Metrics, Part II: A Framework for Looking at Metrics

There are many frameworks that relate metrics to organizational goals. Paul discusses his preferred framework here.

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Corona Insights employee Jane Klinger


Norms & Behavior Change, Part 2: Leveraging Norms in Your Messaging 

How do we leverage normative behavior ideas to craft effective appeals and promote public good? 

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Corona Insights employee Jane Klinger


Norms & Behavior Change, Part 1: When and Why We Conform

In this three-part blog series, one of our resident Psychology experts explains a psychological principle we often leverage to help clients promote behavior change: the power of social norms. Part 1 addresses when and why social norms are so powerful.

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Photo of employee Sam Keating


Can ChatGPT be used for quantitative research? 

By now, we have probably all heard something about AI, or artificial intelligence. Lately, it seems like AI is being mentioned everywhere…

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Corona Insights employee Kevin Raines


Common Sense (Not The Thomas Paine Version, But Close)

No source of data should be viewed in a vacuum, and Kevin explains where common sense comes into our work.

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Corona Insights employee Matt Bruce


Is a survey like an ice cream cone?

Matt discusses how a survey and an ice cream cone have a few things in common.

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Photo of employee Jim Pripusich


Examining The New Way The 2020 Census Asked About Race

We explore what this change means for data collection and what other adjustments we might expect in the future.

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Photo of employee Annie Theodoropoulos


A Look Into Other North American Census Questionnaires

While we have all filled out the US Census, have you ever considered how other North American nations handle their census?

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What is data storytelling?

At Corona, we are constantly trying to think of better ways to present data so that it is easy to use. We recently gave a presentation to our friends at Denver Data Storytellers about blended storytelling. Below is a summary of what we discussed.

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