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Measuring human behavior: Opportunities and Challenges

Tracking, predicting, or measuring change in human behavior is often the goal of market research. We frequently want to know what people do, how they spend their money, or who they vote for. While understanding attitudes, perceptions, and other precursors to behavior is important because they are the avenues to persuasion, sometimes our focus on […]

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The Power of Visual Storytelling

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Let’s stand by that. Pretend one picture is equal to (literally) 1,000 words. If it took, let’s say, five seconds to look at each picture in an album (remember, one picture=1,000 words), that means you would be able to consume 12,000 “words” per minute by looking […]

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The combination of marketing and strategy

Here is a nice blog post by Roger Martin, co-author of a recently released book called Playing to Win: How Strategy Really Works.  Mr. Martin’s blog discusses the interrelatedness between marketing and strategy for companies.  He particularly identifies the 4 P’s of tactical marketing (i.e. product, price, place and promotion) as being naturally rooted in […]

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Interplay between corporate planning and marketing organization planning

In today’s ever fast-paced world of marketing tactics, with all of the continuous buzz around the proliferation of distribution and messaging channels, it’s always refreshing to read a rare article that touches on high-level strategic marketing planning, along with the accompanying reminder about its importance.  The author in this case, Mr. Peter Buscemi, sums up its importance […]

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Tata Motors – On the Road to Strategic Marketing in India?

A recent article on the website discusses Tata Motors Limited, an automobile, motorcoach and truck manufacturer in India, particularly known domestically for its Nano city car model. (Worldwide, you’d likely also recognize Tata’s luxury brands Jaguar and Land Rover.) Lately, Tata’s Indian auto business and its profits have declined, even while the Indian domestic […]

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RFP Scoping Using our Insights for Strategic Marketing Machine

Not too long ago, here at Corona we became aware of an RFP (request for proposal) from an out-of-state agency calling for market research services on behalf of its client, who provides energy efficiency related services. Oftentimes, when evaluating for-profit sector RFPs, our Insights for Strategic Marketing framework allows us to identify where potential customers […]

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BMA Roundtable Recap

Leo Lewis presented to a sold-out audience at yesterday’s BMA Colorado roundtable in Denver on the topic of:  Start Here!  First Steps in Data-driven Strategic Marketing.  Leo discussed (and addressed some good audience questions about) the advantages of conducting a thorough data- and information-driven Internal and External Situation assessment and how doing so assists a […]

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Last chance to register: First Steps in Data-Driven Strategic Marketing

Leo Lewis, Principal at Corona Insights, is presenting at the Colorado BMA's July breakfast Roundtable. Register now to come learn about the first steps in the strategic marketing planning process.

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Leo Lewis presenting at the Business Marketing Association

Leo Lewis, Principal at Corona Insights, is presenting at the Colorado BMA's July breakfast Roundtable. Come learn about the first steps in the strategic marketing planning process.

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Why strategy is important in understanding your environment

Why a company’s stated strategy is so important to ultimately understanding its External Situation and Environment. In order for the Internal Assessment process to be relevant to a marketing executive and the marketing planning process, we view the assessment as taking place both at the macro-company level as well as at the marketing organization level […]

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