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Predictable Unknowns

Have you ever needed to know what the future will look like? To create great strategic plans, our clients need to understand what their operating environment will look like in five, ten, or thirty years.  They want to know how the population, jobs, markets, homes, and infrastructure are expected to change. We help these clients […]

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Of anchors, sails and strategic plans

I’ve been struck recently by my clients’ desires to simultaneously sail and drop anchor. By sailing I’m referring to the opportunity to advance, grow and change, strategically of course. To move towards the horizon. Counterbalancing that vision is an anchoring in the past – where we’ve been – as well as the here and now […]

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Brand Tracking for Sustained Growth

Surveys can be used to guide a plethora of business decisions.  If you’re considering launching a new product or service, a survey can help you get feedback on not only the product or service itself, but your messaging and collaterals as well.  If you’re looking to grow into a new market, a survey can help […]

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Begin with the end in mind

Don't take a research misstep before you even begin. Set 3-5 major goals for the research up front to ensure the end result will meet the needs for which the research was undertaken in the first place.

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Data-driven strategy, oh yeah.

My Corona colleagues know the ins and outs of data – the good, the bad and the better not to have at all. I’ve learned a lot from them over the years. In my world as a strategic consultant, I’ve seen first-hand what the right data at the right time can do when setting strategy. […]

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A dose of data for your springtime allergies

Like many people, I have “seasonal allergies.”  March and April bring sneezing fits and foggy brain days for me.  Often I get a sore throat and headaches.  One year I went through three strep throat tests and a course of antibiotics before my doctor decided my swollen throat was caused by allergies. Knowing you’re allergic […]

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Can you spot statistically significant differences in your data?

Making data-driven strategic decisions frequently involves understanding differences.  For example, are there differences in public opinion, demographics, or the way people behave? Are there differences among groups of people, between two points in time, or differences from one program to another? Many of our clients ask for help measuring differences and sparking insights from the […]

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Where does a SWOT come from and where does it lead?

Prior blogs I’ve written have established the link between company-level strategic planning, which includes competitive strategy, and marketing organization planning.  I’ve also discussed several analytical tools used for competitive strategy, including the SWOT analysis (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats). I was recently reading through a LinkedIn group’s lively dialogue on the topic of SWOT analysis.  One theme that arose is […]

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CMOs Can Enhance Their Roles through Strategic Marketing Planning

A few articles and blogs I’ve read recently (listed below) discuss the role of a CMO in the context of a larger organization. The Mission of Marketing CMO to CEO CMO Survival Guide These musings bring to light some challenges that CMOs commonly face, and help to explain their ongoing battles for respect in the […]

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C-level executives have a desire for more data-driven strategic marketing

At least a recent survey indicates this is the case. (Aussie version) recently reported a few findings from the 2013 Marketing Performance Management Survey conducted jointly by VisionEdge Marketing, ITSMA and Forrester Research.  One finding included: Only nine percent of CEOs and six percent of CFOs use marketing data for their strategic planning The […]

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