When experiences can lead you astray

Many organizations tell me that they hear from their participants all the time telling them how much the program changed their lives.  Understandably, those experiences matter a lot to organizations and they want to capture those experiences in their evaluations. Recently I heard a podcast that perfectly captured the risks in relying too heavily on […]

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Engagement in evaluation

Engaging program participants in the evaluation is known as participatory evaluation.  (See Matt Bruce’s recent blog on participatory research for more detail about this approach.) The logic of participatory evaluation often resonates with human services providers.  It empowers service recipients to define their needs and goals for the program. It can be eye opening for […]

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Writing an RFP

So you’ve finally reached a point where you feel like you need more information to move forward as an organization, and, even more importantly, you’ve been able to secure some amount of funding to do so. Suddenly you find yourself elbow deep in old request-for-proposals (RFPs), both from your organization and others, trying to craft […]

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Beyond the logic model: Improve program outcomes by mapping causes of success and failure

Logic modeling is common in evaluation work, but did you know there are a variety of other tools that can help visualize important program elements and improve planning to ensure success? One such tool is success mapping.  A success map can be used to outline the steps needed to implement a successful program.  It can […]

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Fresh Evaluation Ideas for Spring

As an evaluator, it’s really easy to draft a thousand lines of questioning to capture every nuance in every conceivable outcome that might result from a particular program.  I want to know everything, and I want to understand everything deeply, and so do the organizations I work with. Yet collecting too much data burdens both […]

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The Power of Ranking

One of the fun tools of our trade is index development.  It’s a way to rank order things on a single dimension that takes into account a number of relevant variables.  Let’s say you want to rank states with respect to their animal welfare conditions, or rank job candidates with regard to their experience and […]

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Who you gonna call?

With Halloween approaching, we are writing about scary things for Corona’s blog. This got thinking about some of the scary things that we help to make less scary.  Think of us as the people who check under the bed for monsters, turn on lights in dark corners, bring our proton packs and capture the ectoplasmic […]

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Four questions to ask before starting your evaluation

Evaluation is a helpful tool to support many different decisions within an organization.  Evaluation can take on many forms (e.g., summative, formative, developmental, outcomes, process, implementation, etc.), and the first step is to identify what kind of evaluation will be most useful to you right now.  Regardless of whether you need to measure your outcomes […]

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