Evaluation: It’s not just for granting agencies!

Kate discusses the benefits of program evaluation.

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What is promising practices research?

In program design and evaluation, promising practices research is a reliable approach for developing research-based, sustainable, and tailored practices.

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What is Equitable Evaluation?

In this important time of ensuring that evaluation contributes to an improved future, we believe firmly in the value of equitable evaluation practices.

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When the virus shares your name: An update on COVID-19 from the Corona Insights team

The Corona team update on COVID-19, including what we're doing to stop the spread and how we can help you right now.

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There’s No Place Like Home

If you have walked through downtown Denver recently, you know that it is hard to miss the growing homeless population. Civic Center Park has become a meeting place for many in the homeless population—a place where they can gather to share stories, food, and cell phones.  Each year, Denver conducts a “Point in Time” (PIT) […]

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Creative Ways to Get Useful and Actionable Data for a Small Budget Needs Assessment

The American Evaluation Association invited their Topic Interest Groups (TIGs) to each take over their blog for a week in 2018. As part of the Needs Assessment TIG, Beth and Kate were invited to write one of the blogs with tips for doing needs assessments. With help from Matt Bruce, they wrote about how to […]

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How do you measure the value of an experience?

When I think about the professional development I did last week, I would summarize it thusly: an unexpected, profound experience. I was given the opportunity to attend RIVA moderator training and I walked away with more than I ever could have dreamed I would get. Do you know that experience where you think back to […]

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Measurement Ideas in Evaluation

Kate Darwent and I are just back from the annual conference of the American Evaluation Association (AEA), which was held in Washington, DC this year.  We attended talks on a wide variety of topics, and attended business meetings for two interest groups (Needs Assessment and Independent Consulting).  Below, I discuss some of the current thinking […]

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Keeping it constant: 3 things to keep in mind with your trackers

When conducting a program evaluation or customer tracker (e.g., brand, satisfaction, etc.), we are often collecting input at two different points in time and then measuring the difference. While the concept is straightforward, the challenge is keeping everything as consistent as possible so we can say that the actual change is NOT a result of […]

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Defining Best Practices and Evidence-Based Programs

The field of evaluation, like any field, has a lot of jargon.  Jargon provides a short-hand for people in the field to talk about complex things without having to use a lot of words or background explanation, but for the same reason, it’s confusing to people outside the field. A couple of phrases that we […]

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